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Fashion Photographers Who Made History

Fashion photography originated in the years before the First World War, and developed from a small niche photography movement to a global business, with major centres in Paris, New York and Milan. The work from fashion photographers over the past century has provided a definitive answer to the question: is photography art From Edward Steichen to David Lachapelle, Artsper presents 10 iconic fashion photographers who … Continue reading Fashion Photographers Who Made History


A short history of the selfie

No, the selfie wasn’t invented by millennials! Before the smartphone era, selfies were called self-portraits. And, just like selfies, self-portraits exasperated more than a few people (they even got on Baudelaire’s nerves). Travel back in time with Artsper, escape the modern-day selfie and discover it’s long history. Who took the first selfie ? The story of the first selfie is the object of much contention. In … Continue reading A short history of the selfie


The intellectual, Marcel Duchamp. An unprecedented cerebral process is at the root of his process, in History of Art. Rejecting “art as art”, redefining perspective, desacralizing the object, advocating a concept, producing the random… all these are exercises of this avant-garde iconoclast, dissident, prophet and pioneer. Artsper offers you 7 essentials, to understand his work. #1 His signature gives rise to artistic gesture, like a work … Continue reading 7 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MARCEL DUCHAMP

Georges Braque seen by his peers

An essential figure of modern painting, Georges Braque was “a French painter par excellence”. As much for his reflections linked to Fauvism as for those linked to Cubism, he marked modern art history with artworks that trace the many French artistic advances of the 20th century… Rediscover this discreet and determined artists through the eyes of 5 of his fellow artists. De gauche à droite : Maisons … Continue reading Georges Braque seen by his peers