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The must-see artists of this year's FIAC
Artstyle 24 Oct 2014

The must-see artists of this year's FIAC

FIAC is the opportunity to see the most influential galleries such as Larry Gagosian and Marian Goodman from New York, Daniel Templon, Emmanuel Perrotin and Thaddaeus Ropac from Paris and of course White Cube from London! But who are the artists not to be missed this year? 

#1 The artists of the Marcel Duchamp Prize

Théo Mercier, ©Wikipedia

Théo Mercier, Evariste Richer, Florian and Michael Quistrebert, and Julien Prévieux are the four nominees for the Marcel Duchamp Prize. The work of these four nominated artists will be displayed and the winner will be announced at the Grand Palais on Saturday the 25th of October. The winner will receive a 35,000 euro financial endowment from the ADIAF (Association pour la diffusion internationale de l’Art francais), which will also offer 30,000 euros towards the production of the artistic work, and the artist will feature in an exposition in the 315 space of the Pompidou Centre in the autumn of 2015. The 2013 winner was the visual artist Latifa Echakhch, represented by Kamel Mennour.

#2 Olafur Eliasson

fiac artsper

Visit Berlin’s Neugerriemschneider Gallery’s stall to admire the spectacular installation made entirely of lights, by the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.

#3 Niki de Saint Phalle

fiac artsper

The Niki de Saint Phalle retrospective at the Grand Palais unquestionably sets the pace of this artistic Autumn. Best known for her « Nanas » done in papier mâché or in resin, these voluptuous and violently coloured feminine figures are presented as free and joyful, yet at the same time combative and sexy. La Fontaine aux Nanas is one of the earliest works by this artist; a copy can be found in the Tarot Garden in Italy.

#4 Didier Marcel

©Didier Marcel

Didier Marcel will present an almost poetic work at the Jardin des Plantes. Entitled “Rosée,” it could not have been achieved without the support of Swarovski. Composed of pearls and crystal drops of different sizes, it will be displayed in the rose garden. .

#5 Camille Henrot

Camille Henrot, ©art basel

Camille Henrot is a French artist whose work quite often unites anthropology with history. The Prix du Danger, No 5, inspired by the eponymous film, features a metallic airplane wing posed vertically in the manner of a totem, in the Tuileries garden. This object, which she “reappropriated,” is perforated with Nigerian tribal motifs and others taken from Germanic heraldry.

#6 Cindy Sherman

sherman artsper fiac

Known for her self-portraits, Cindy Sherman. Her photographs, in which she dresses herself as many different characters, are known worldwide and make her one of the most important artists in postmodern photography.

#7 Yayoi Kusama

kusama fiac artsper

Yayoi Kusama is a contemporary Japanese artist who created her earliest works in the 1950s. They originated, she says, from childhood hallucinations. Her works are built around recurring themes, such as peas, which would become her trademark.

#8 Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy, autoportrait

You are probably familiar with the chocolate sculptures made by this Californian artist, or at least you have heard about his 24.4 meter Christmas tree sculpture that was vandalized last week on the Place Vendôme. This year, you won’t find any works by Paul McCarthy in the hall of the Grand Palais. Instead, he will have his own exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris starting October 25.

#9 Les incontournables

Le Corbusier présenté par la Galerie Zlotowski, Magritte par la Galerie Vevodi ou encore Man Ray par la Galerie Françoise Paviot, sont autant d’artistes à voir et à revoir.

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