The story of Christmas in 5 artworks

Since religious history has been the only conceivable source of artistic inspiration for centuries, it is not surprising there are various biblical Christmas scenes of Christmas in all of the great painters’ works. The nativity scene that Botticelli or Bruegel depicted is one we all know. The same goes for all other folkloric representations of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. But what about the more … Continue reading The story of Christmas in 5 artworks

Our Top 6 Christmas Artworks

When we think of Christmas, we think about mulled wine, flickering pine trees, foam deers and so many other kitsch items! Contemporary art does not seem to find its natural place in the middle of this mainstream holiday. To go against this preconceived idea, Artsper has made a top 6 of the best Christmas artworks for you! {1. JOHN BALDESSARI} Christmas (with Double Boy on Crutches), … Continue reading Our Top 6 Christmas Artworks