Meeting Richard Heeps

Burnt Etruscan reds, seductive saturated blues and bucolic ocean scenes, British artist, Richard Heeps’ cinematic portrayals of America prove the magic of unedited, lens-based photography. Heeps’ camera is not only his passport to explore, but a ticket to inner sanctums; reminding us that photography does more than merely document. Even amongst the cacophony of selfies and Instagram posts, Heeps’ works manage to inspire, seduce and transport us to unseen corners of the United States. Continue reading Meeting Richard Heeps

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Fashion Photographers Who Made History

  Whilst it has its origins in the years leading up to the First World War, fashion photography has developed from a small niche market to a global business, with major centres in Paris, New York and Milan. The works from fashion photographers over the past century who operate at the crossroads of portraiture and still life, have provided a definitive answer to the question: is … Continue reading Fashion Photographers Who Made History