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10 Photographers you need to follow
A closer look 22 Jun 2017

10 Photographers you need to follow

Get to know the future greats in photography and discover who to watch on the scene today. Artsper has curated a selection of 10 photographers to follow in the art world today.

#1 Jack Davison

Jack Davison, ©New York Times

Jack Davison, a British artist, became famous on the other side of the pond following a series of portraits he did of 26 American states. Through his sharp use of monochrome, the young artist reveals a chiseled aesthetic where minimalism and elegance work together. He is used to playing a visual battle of shadow against light, where the influences of Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz and German expressionism appear. Without a doubt, Jack Davison is one to watch.

#2 Paul Rousteau

Paul Rousteau, Tour Eiffel 5, 2020

Paul Rousteau, a self-described “idle painter”, holds an award from the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival. He intersperses his photography with dreamy cameos in his backgrounds.

From Libération to the Inrocks via Télérama… his work can be seen in the Agnès B gallery. His photographic works feature the iconic faces of Pierre Niney and Fanny Ardant and are taken in a non-representational but “impressionist” way. The sensation his art invokes takes precedence over the commitment to portraying realism.

#3 Marie Rouge

Marie Rouge, ©les Inrockuptibles

Young Parisian photographer Marie Rouge is an elusive aesthete of the 21st century. Within her two editorials for the newspaper Libération, she delicately captures the strong faces of the new artistic and intellectual scene. Aesthetically polished, and sometimes staged to the limit of kitsch, Marie Rouge’s photos are an ode to her models or to animals, to unusual beauties and to color. Capturing portraits of Christine and the Queens, Jean-Paul Gaultier, JD Samson… she has also collaborated with Romy Alizée.

Her retro, romantic and wild universe defines the avant-garde of the visual universe of the years to come.

#4 Liat Elbling

Liat Elbling plays with the boundaries of photography, experimenting with the illusion of reality and the two-dimensional aspect of photography. This Israeli artist plays with graphic borders and attempts to blur our perception of reality through her avant-garde photography.

#5 Romy Alizée

Acte de Violence, 2017, Romy Alizée

Model for some of the biggest names in photography, Romy Alizée is now experimenting behind the camera. Her photography focuses on non-classical compositions, with an emphasis on the image of the body and the dichotomy between the sexes. This young experimental artists instills a feminist undertone into all of her artwork.

#6 Sophie Green

By juxtaposing two sharp images, the young Londoner composes a narrative by linking two elements associated by a color, a texture, a vanishing line… Like two universes that relay back and forth, the associations are subtle but visible. It is in this game of correspondence that Sophie Green extracts the nuances of society in photos of everyday life, from the hairdressing salon to banger racing, no area of society is overlooked by her all-seeing eye.

#7 Otto Zinsou

This young, self-taught photographer, student of the EHESS and model, is an artist who invokes the most current and pressing artistic and social issues within his art. A key figure in the visual narrative of the Parisian underground, he represents the new artistic wave’s aesthetic return to classical photography.

He chooses to photograph a disenfranchised and bored youth in intimate shots, all whilst capturing the ephemeral beauty of the night. Don’t be fooled: his compositions may seem to be candid, but this relentless photographer will work with his models for weeks before getting the desired shot.

#8 Lola Khalfa

Lola Khalfa, ©Vinyculture

The identity of both the nation and the individual is the object of study for young photographer Lola Khalfa. In the background of her shots, we can see an Algeria infiltrated by disorder and conflict, conveyed through her use of blur. Her photography captures a visceral feeling, one that invokes the same sacred relationship that Albert Camus had with his homeland.

#9 Yayoshka Porché

Ktipiti, ©Yayoshka Porché

Yayoshka Porché’s silver images, straight out of the 1970s Berlin scene, are a straightforward narrative of a distraught bohemian lifestyle; the dance of bodies and genders punctuated by shots that are sometimes monochrome, sometimes with color.

This self-taught photographer creates abstracted raw black and white shots, such that the presence of the models invades the space of her images. Her androgynous models convey messages about the emancipation of gender and a redefinition of sexual freedom. Faces cut out in the light, poetic scenes where a real sweetness of life takes shape, it is with subtle refinement that this young photographer takes her place in our top 10 photographers to follow.

#10 Luis Alberto Rodriguez

This artist from the Big Apple dresses models representing the oppositions of mythology: Dionysus (reign of disorder) and Apollo (harmony), monstrosity and grace, imagination and realism.

Wrapped under sumptuous draperies, Rodriguez creates the mystified figure of the veiled body. Removing the harmony of forms and colors, the photographer disarticulated the stereotypes by undressing the being of its univocal character.

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