Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe

25 Contemporary Artworks You Need to See

Contemporary Art is generally classified as artworks made during or after 1945, so from just after the Second World War right up to modern day. Within this period there is a huge range in styles, genres, and approaches, and it can be hard to know where to start. Artsper has brought together 25 examples of contemporary artwork that we think are most important to know about – from the most famous pieces to the lesser known, rising talents. Continue reading 25 Contemporary Artworks You Need to See

Five contemporary artists to follow on Twitter

Generally, artists are too busy at their canvases to be active on the web. Nevertheless, increasingly less rare are the artists 2.0 who express themselves daily through the social networks. Artsper has selected five artists for you who are active on Twitter in order to be at the centre of contemporary creation. {Shepard Fairey} @OBEYGIANT 157 000 subscribers – 2 422 tweets Epitomising contemporary American … Continue reading Five contemporary artists to follow on Twitter

Art and Fashion Collaborations

After New York, London and Milan, it’s Paris’s turn to present its Fashion Week! Artsper invites you for an overview of two fields that often cross roads and sometimes even identify with one another: art and fashion. Through their elaborate settings, fashion shows often border performance, and, on the other hand, museums and galleries sometimes feature fashion designers. These collaborations often hide complex economical issues, … Continue reading Art and Fashion Collaborations