The Richest Living Artists in 2013

In 2013, no need to die of hunger and end your life in poverty in order to be an acclaimed artist. The starving Vincent Van Gogh style is over. To celebrate this, Artsper presents a list of the richest living artists.

A selection based on the sales in galleries and auction houses:

1: Damien Hirst. The more British of the contemporary artists, the one who has been slicing cows and has produced the diamond vanitas. Maybe the richest of all… His fortune has been estimated at 1 billion USD.

for the love of god 2008 damien hirst

Damien Hirst and his work For the Love of God

2: Jeff Koons. The most criticized of the contemporary artists, the former trader on Wall Street who converted himself to art. He has “invaded” Versailles and that triggered the outrage of many reluctant critics who denounced his show as a blasphemy. $500 million.


Jeff Koons in front of his work, Hanging Heart, 2012

3: Our beloved Jasper Johns, who has inspired the Artsper name. He and Rauschenberg are the major precursors of Warhol’s Pop Art. Bang Bang, $300 million.


Tag, 1958

4: Andrew Vicari. You have certainly not heard of this Welsh painter working in France. We should note that he is the painter of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, and that probably solved his financial problems. Three museums in the Middle East are exclusively dedicated to him. $142 million.

HH the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jabar Ahmad al-Sabah

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jabar Ahmad al-Sabah

5: Takashi Murakami. With a very recognizable style, this cheerful artist wanted at first to be a manga cartoonist. The fortune of the other invader of Versailles is estimated at $100 million.

Murakami #55 for online ONLY

6: Anish Kapoor, the Leviathan of Monumenta, the aluminum bean. $85 million in his pocket!


7: Antony Gormley. The obssession for the body in the form of humans invading the space, in all their forms, in all possible materials. $50 million.


2010, solo exhibition at the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney

8: Gerhard Richter, the most contemporary of modern artists. $40 million.


Richter in front of his painting Funeral

9: David Hockney, former pop artist, now an Ipad artist. $40 million.


Ipad Drawings

10: Cindy Schermann, multifaceted photographer. $35 million.