Five contemporary artists to follow on Twitter

Generally, artists are too busy at their canvases to be active on the web. Nevertheless, increasingly less rare are the artists 2.0 who express themselves daily through the social networks. Artsper has selected five artists for you who are active on Twitter in order to be at the centre of contemporary creation.

{Shepard Fairey}


157 000 subscribers – 2 422 tweets

Epitomising contemporary American street art, Shepard Fairey is known by his artist’s name of OBEY. His work has become famous all over the world since the American presidential campaign of 2008, with the creation of Barack Obama’s HOPE poster that was to become an iconic image of the campaign.

{Takashi Murakami}


7 541 subscribers – 289 tweets

He needs no introduction. Regarded as one of the leaders of Japanese neo-pop known as Superflat, a movement that he started, he borrows from Warhol and American pop art. In 2010, his exhibition at the Château de Versailles revived the debate.

{Massimo Vitali}


544 subscribers – 385 tweets

An Italian photographer born in 1944, Massimo Vitali is principally known for his series of Italian beaches. He depicts modern life and leisure in images.



28 000 subscribers – 3 137 tweets

JR is a French street artist who posts portraits of people he meets on the walls, roofs and basements of buildings. He defines himself as an “urban artist”.

{Damien Hirst}


15 800 subscribers – 393 tweets

Damien Hirst is an artist who dominated the British contemporary art scene in the 90s. Symbol of the Young British Artists group, he has become one of the world’s most highly rated contemporary artists.