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8 Artists to Follow on Instagram
Get inspired 07 Jun 2017

8 Artists to Follow on Instagram

Daniel Arsham, Mur Blanc

Instagram isn’t only for looking at cute animal pictures or seeing your friends on the beach or at the restaurant. It’s also a great way to stay up to date with art news and discover the work of talented artists. From Shepard Fairey’s street art to Ai Wei Wei’s daily life… Artsper offers you a selection of 8 artists that you should absolutely follow on Instagram.

1. Ai Wei Wei @aiww, depicting the daily

Ai Wei Wei
Photograph by Ai Wei Wei

Photographer, sculptor, architect, blogger… we’ve lost count of all the activities of this Chinese independent artist. Famous for his protests against the communist regime, Ai Wei Wei displays his daily life for us, via Instagram.

2. Daniel Arsham @danielarsham, creating Instagram conversations

A sculpture by Daniel Arsham

International star Daniel Arsham is an up and coming artist, represented in Paris by the Perrotin Gallery. It is his way of playing with classical architectural styles that fascinates us.

3. Shepard Fairey @obeygiant, using the virility of image on Instagram

Shepard Fairey silkscreen print for USA Democrat President Barack Obama Obey Giant
Hope poster created for Obama’s presidential campaign

Shepard Fairey is one of today’s most influential street artists. He achieved international fame by creating Barack Obama’s Hope poster.

4. Martha Cooper @marthacoopergram, a pioneer

martha-cooper-2 instagram
New York street photography by Martha Cooper

Considered a pioneer among the photographers who portrayed Hip Hop culture in New York City, Martha Cooper’s legacy is strong. Her work doesn’t cease to take us back into the atmosphere of the movement’s golden age.

5. JR @jr, street artist extraordinaire

JR instagram
Black and white portraits by JR

Street artist JR became famous worldwide by exhibiting his black and white photographs for free in the streets, especially in favelas and poor neighborhoods. The artist also pays homage to women throughout his work and through his film Women are heroes.

5. Paul Octavious @pauloctavious, master of color

Pantone 3 by Paul Octavious

Young photographer Paul Octavious became known thanks to his “Pantone Project”. The artist tries to match everyday scenes with the traditional Pantone hues.

6. Murakami @takashipom, an Instagram icon

takashi-6 instagram
A manga-inspired piece by Takashi Murakami

Follow the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, throughout daily life and enter his manga-influenced universe.

7. Kenny Scharf @kennyscharf

Kenny Sharf
Work by Kenny Scharf

An American artist from Keith Haring and Basquiat’s generation, Kenny Scharf played an important role in the interaction between contemporary art and graffiti. Today, his work is part of numerous public and private collections.

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