Shepard Fairey (Obey), Obama Vote signed, 2008

American Presidents in Art

Highly publicized global figures since the dawn of media power in the 1960s, U.S. presidents have always aroused the world’s curiosity. John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, these faces of presidents past and present are represented abundantly in contemporary art. Whether in paintings, sculptures or photography, there are many artists who bounce between art and politics, taking pleasure in magnifying, caricaturing … Continue reading American Presidents in Art

10 Politically Engaged Artists

Art history has been marked by artists operating on a wavelength different than beauty, channeling the injustices, imbalances, and harsh realities of the lives of those in need to create their art. Contemporary artists continue to address political themes relevant to today, from globalization and climate change to national security and war, attuning their viewers to pressing issues through visual means. In the wake of … Continue reading 10 Politically Engaged Artists