Georges Braque seen by his peers

An essential figure of modern painting, Georges Braque was “a French painter par excellence”. As much for his reflections linked to Fauvism as for those linked to Cubism, he marked modern art history with artworks that trace the many French artistic advances of the 20th century… Rediscover this discreet and determined artists through the eyes of 5 of his fellow artists. De gauche à droite : Maisons … Continue reading Georges Braque seen by his peers


Whether it is Palm trees, California houses, fast-food or Lindsay Lohan, the imagery of American pop culture is a growing source of inspiration for contemporary artists. Each week, Artsper will be presenting you an artist for our “I Love LA saga”. The artists selected are Los Angeles based or themed. Let’s travel back to a time, not so long ago, where LA was the home … Continue reading I LOVE LA : ROBERT LANDAU