When Art and Film Become One: 9 Movies Inspired by Art

Art and film are inextricably linked, both employing masterful techniques to create an incredible aesthetic, tell fascinating stories and evoke powerful emotions. It therefore comes as no surprise that film directors choose to pay homage to the world’s greatest art masterpieces. Whether it be through a character, location or even a near-identical cinematic recreation, the references directors make to an artwork can be subtle or … Continue reading When Art and Film Become One: 9 Movies Inspired by Art

The Art Market: 2016 Sales Record

1 million, 10 millions….60 ? How much can a work of art cost? Many people agree that art does not know crisis, unlike other markets or business, which are naturally linked to the social and economic circumstances. Nevertheless, the fervor and euphoria of 2015 is over and this year prices went down. Claude Monet’s piece Meule ranks  first place in the 2016 sales record, his … Continue reading The Art Market: 2016 Sales Record

Contemporary Art in Dublin

Dublin has nothing to prove as far as literature is concerned: land of great writers and poets such as W.B Yeats, James Joyce or Oscar Wilde, the city has been listed 4th city of literature by Unesco. However, contemporary art lovers will also find something of their liking in Dublin, where the local council is actively committed to promoting visual arts. For those who want … Continue reading Contemporary Art in Dublin

10 Things to Know About Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and certainly one of the most traded on the market. Witness to the deadliest century in the history of humanity, branded by human atrocity, his work is the synthesis of a grand “plastic” technique, a perfect mastery of the artistic tradition, and a deep need to externalize strong feelings, complex and contemporary arts. … Continue reading 10 Things to Know About Francis Bacon

An Early and a Late Work by Francis Bacon

The interesting thing about an artist who has passed is the fact that it’s easier to identify their last work than for the last previous cases we’ve analyzed in this section of the blog (Boltanski and Richter). This week, Artsper analyzes two paintings by the star of the auctions, Francis Bacon. Before starting painting, Irish painter Francis Bacon travels all over Europe, kicked out from … Continue reading An Early and a Late Work by Francis Bacon