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A-List Celebrities in Art
Artstyle 20 Nov 2020

A-List Celebrities in Art

Why are we so intrigued by the secret lives of the most influential celebrities? Are we admiring or even jealous of their success? Are we fond of glitter and glamour? Or are we simply on the lookout for the slightest drama that could arise in their seemingly perfect lives? Whatever the case, we love stars because they are an integral part of popular culture. Artists are aware of the deep attachment we have to celebrities. De ce fait, ils se servent abondamment de ces illustres visages comme de sujets pour leurs œuvres ! Whether they criticize or honor the cult of celebrity, they use their art to reveal their opinions about this social obsession.

Discover 7 artworks around celebrities in art. Nourished by popular culture, they definitely deserve your attention!

#1 Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych

Andy Warhol most often comes to mind when imagining famous faces within art. He is known for exploring celebrity culture and mass consumerism, a dominant trend still applicable to today’s society. His portraits of the rich and famous celebrate their elite status while criticizing society’s obsession with popular culture and materialism. Warhol invites his audience to consider the consequences of the ongoing presence of mass media in daily life.  

Warhol’s monumental Marilyn Diptych demands the viewer’s attention, not only with its size but with its subject matter as well. Sex symbol Marilyn Monroe is portrayed as a consumer item to be mass-produced. She is depicted 50 times, seemingly suspended in an abstract void due to Warhol’s manufacturing work. As a nod to mass production, the Marilyn Diptych suggests that A-list celebrities are simply fabricated entertainment and modern artists are simply machines. Furthermore, Warhol’s grid-like depiction of the legendary sex symbol defines his artistic method: automatic processing and mechanical reproduction. In doing so, he proves that painting is no longer an elevated medium.

#2 Bert Stern, Twiggy, Vogue

célébrités dans l'art, Bert Stern, Twiggy, Vogue
Bert Stern, Twiggy, Vogue

The “original madman” Bert Stern was known for creating his own success and pioneering provocative fashion. He famously redefined commercial photography and modern advertising through his innovative ad campaigns and magazine editorials. 

Stern photographed many A-list celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy, Kate Moss, Madonna, and Scarlett Johansson. By being surrounded by the most glamorous women in the world, Stern was regarded as an elite, celebrated artist. As a result, his works explore femininity, desire, and creativity. Fascinated with women and their beauty, the self-taught photographer will forever be remembered as a prominent figure within the international fashion scene.

#3 Candice Breitz, Love Story

les stars dans l'art, Candice Breitz, Love Story
Candice Breitz, Love Story

Love Story is a film installation exhibiting a single projection in a darkened room for a full cinematic experience. Starring A-list celebrities Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin, the performers are seen seated in director’s chairs against a green screen impersonating refugees. The performers reveal 6 interviews with people seeking asylum; the refugees remain silent but the celebrities speak their words. Although the narratives are not seamlessly delivered, the cinematics make it impossible to deny the illusion of someone else’s painful history. Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin articulate marginalized experiences that are clearly not their own, yet the audience still feels empathetic.

Love Story explores the extent to which mainstream entertainment and pop culture manipulate public emotion. The art piece serves as a critique of the hegemonic need for celebrity recognition to gain public attention. This bias is acknowledged when Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin act out the refugees thanking the actors for sharing their stories. Love Story’s skillful editing eloquently reflects the artist’s concern for how the public only willingly supports marginalized people under emotional propaganda articulated through the entertainment industry.

#4 Alison Jackson, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Alison Jackson, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Alison Jackson, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Known for mercilessly ridiculing celebrities, Alison Jackson is fascinated as to why the public seemingly feels as though they know A-list celebrities so well. Jackson is interested in the “cult of celebrity”, which is the public’s immense emotional investment into celebrity lifestyle and culture. Since the relationship between a famous A-lister and the common person is purely meditated, Jackson is utterly confused by this inherent need for fame. 

This “cult of celebrity” is emphasized in her art; Jackson targets stars and makes them the subject of her works to reinforce that ordinary people do not, in fact, know celebrities. With a team of professional lookalikes and carefully constructed sets, Jackson argues that celebrity culture is all a misconstruction. Here, we see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their modest, not-so-glamorous honeymoon in an RV camper. While Kim Kardashian is not particularly famous for anything, her fame derives from her iconic, posh public image. Jackson’s satirical images strengthen the notion that celebrities represent a certain type of unrealistic ideals. Alison Jackson’s artworks act as an ongoing critique of celebrity culture.

#5 Richard Philips, Most Wanted

Richard Philips, Most Wanted
Richard Philips, Most Wanted

Most Wanted demonstrates the paradox between desire and commercialism. As a reference to Warhol’s 13 Most Wanted Men, Philips gathers the top 5 most famous Hollywood actors known for their universal sex appeal. The ability for these men to advance commercial agendas with minimal effort attests to their popularity and success rate. As demonstrated in Philips’s artworks, the A-lister’s talents are not being put to the test; instead, it is they are simply present as a means of maximizing commodity value. 

With a keen interest in social obsessions, Richard Philips explores the complexity of power, sexuality, and fame within mainstream media. Originating from a pre-selected photo source, the artist creates large-scale, highly detailed celebrity portraits. Philips gives a new meaning to basic celebrity imagery: the presence of idealism and propaganda in advertising. The general public has grown accustomed to the physical perfection of Hollywood stars, unnerving Philips. A-listers have an enormous platform that allows for limitless advertising potential. By carefully resisting the idolization of the famed celebrities, Philips created Most Wanted as a jab towards the dominant practices of pop culture.

#6 Alice X. Zhang, Taylor Swift

Alice X. Zhang, Taylor Swift
Alice X. Zhang, Taylor Swift

The Chinese-American artist Alice X. Zhang, also known as AliceXZ, is an illustrator, designer, and visual artist. Beginning with a full-time freelance career, AliceXZ has flourished within the gaming, comic, and film industry. Her obvious talent has landed her quite renowned clients, including Disney, Marvel, and DC films. With an extensive background in modern-day heroes, AliceXZ’s work often depicts themes of feminism, equality, and social justice. 

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, who has become very public with her political views in recent years, are apparent in the artist’s work. With Swift’s recent release of her #MissAmericana documentary, AliceXZ mentions how the film resonated with her, especially when Swift says, “Sorry, was I loud? In my own house. That bought. With the songs that I wrote about my own life”. A-listers who convey inspirational lessons and who exhibit prominent growth are focal points for AliceXZ, who frequently demonstrates the bravery, courage, and strength behind our celebrity heroes.

#7 Johan Andersson, Angelina

célébrités dans l'art, Johan Andersson, Angelina
Johan Andersson, Angelina

Johan Andersson has accomplished great success in his career. He’s been named a Top 100 Most Influential Creative and ranked within the Top 20 Artists in The Independent. His works have been exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, V&A Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery alongside Damien Hirst and Francis Bacon. He has also been present at world-renowned art fairs in Basel & Miami, Paris, New York, and London. 

Now, why is all this recognition relevant? Well, Johan Andersson is a voice for the voiceless. His works are saturated with reality and activism. Personal hardships are a frequent occurrence across the world, yet there is limited discourse on this suffering and it is often left neglected. This Portrait of Angelina Jolie post-surgery has sentimental value as Andersson’s mother suffered from aggressive breast cancer. This imagery is meant to reinforce the notion that still beauty remains, even after invasive surgery. Jolie, who is known for her beauty, is still radiant in Andersson’s portrait, even after a double mastectomy. The artwork is about redefining the standards of beauty. 

Andersson has donated paintings to several causes: torture victims, cancer victims, homelessness, and more! In rebellion against suffering, Johan Andersson transforms celebrity portraiture into human activism in an attempt to emanate faith and positivity into a cruel world. 

Celebrities in art, an obsession never denied

The allure of celebrity lifestyle continues to thrive in today’s contemporary era. Whether you are fully committed to celebrity news or you choose to leave your relationship with the famous to the big screen, A-lister’s are undeniably a part of our lives! Artists have explored all facets of this fame-craze. As a popular motif in modern times, A-list celebrities have undoubtedly fueled artistic popular culture.