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These artists had a sense of style…

Many myths surround the artist, the mysterious entity with a wandering spirit. Bohemian artist, cursed artist, neurotic artist… an artist has trouble getting rid of these preconceptions that stick to them. However, an artist is much more than that! Among many other things, he can sometimes be a real fashionista! Artsper introduces you to your favorite artists from a different angle… one of style and … Continue reading These artists had a sense of style…

When Fashion Designers Draw Inspiration From Artists

Art and fashion  have always been linked. In both haute couture and ready-to-wear, the design of any garment goes through a process of artistic creation. The history of fashion, like that of art, is marked by revolutions. We find many echoes of visionary speeches by certain artists in the creations of their designer counterparts. Fashion is inspired by art and art converses with fashion. Therefore, … Continue reading When Fashion Designers Draw Inspiration From Artists

Intriguing artists: 8 interesting facts

 Art History is a tricky subject, Artsper reveals a few interesting facts on major artists.   Jackson Pollock worked as a janitor in a primary school with his brother.    Pablo Picasso was one of the suspects in the stealing of the Mona Lisa in 1911. He was arrested by the police and interrogated to be finally released.   Madrid’s school of art expelled Salvador … Continue reading Intriguing artists: 8 interesting facts

Good to Know: Surrealism

{Surrealism, literary and artistic movement born in the early 1900’s, is caracterised by its different approaches of expression and creativity that use psychic forces: automatisms, dreams and the subconscious… Artsper has selected ten key facts to reading and understanding the surrealist movement} {First and foremost, surrealism is not an artistic movement. Originally, it was a literary movement but also a philosophy and a way of … Continue reading Good to Know: Surrealism