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How To Lease Works of Art on Artsper
Artstyle 28 Nov 2022

How To Lease Works of Art on Artsper

Are you a professional looking to add a unique element to your office space? On Artsper, businesses and professionals now have the opportunity to acquire artworks starting at $1000 through a lease-purchase agreement. This way of purchasing allows you to spread the cost over time and to benefit from real tax advantages. Today, we will cover everything you need to know about leasing works of art through Artsper. Join us to learn about the benefits we offer, and the advantages of incorporating art into your professional space! 

Why display artworks in your professional space?

Displaying artworks brings a variety of advantages to businesses. As well creating a pleasant space for visiting clients and collaborators, selecting works that complement your brand’s values can enhance your brand identity in a unique and personalized way. In addition, businesses can deduct the acquisition price of artworks from their tax result, making art a wise investment.

Works available on Artsper for lease-purchase agreement
Works available on Artsper, left: Pius Fox, Untitled, 2011; center: Julie Espiau, Entrelacs Mélaya, 2022; right: Alexei Lantsev, Composition 5, 2011

Selecting works on Artsper

The process of finding works on Artsper that perfectly match your brand identity could not be easier. Our catalog includes over 200,000 artworks, with 1,800 galleries and 25,000 artists to choose from. Ranging from painting to photography to to sculpture, there are artworks to suit every purpose. To make the process easier, Artsper offers a free customized selection of works to match your own criteria and tastes. We will also negotiate with the gallery to assure you the best price. Once you are happy with your selection, you can purchase the works through our lease-purchase agreement. This agreement allows you to choose your desired number of monthly installments, spreading the cost over time. Then, just sit back and relax as we handle the delivery and installation of the artworks according to your schedule.

The partner of choice for professionals

Over the last ten years, more than 4,000 businesses have trusted us with their decoration projects. From hotels to offices and agencies, art belongs in businesses! Whatever your professional domain, Artsper has established personalized services designed for professionals. In addition to leasing, we also work with designers and and interior decorators around the world. Are you an architect or designer? Enjoy reduced rates and delivery services for all your projects by contacting our team.

Previous clients, lease-purchase agreement
Examples of our decoration projects, on the left: Sloft Magazine (artwork: Laurent Gudin, Lamb 2, 2012, on the right: NV Gallery (artwork: Tiny de Bruin, Attrape le soleil 2, 2020)

For some initial inspiration…

Looking for some quick curated decor inspiration? Our thematic selections range from vintage decor, to nature-inspired, to Scandinavian minimalism. Browse through all of our selections at your leisure, we are sure you will find a piece that suits your taste!

Works from the Scandinavian Minimalism thematic selection
Works from the Scandinavian Minimalism thematic selection, left: Arielle Zamora, Black Sleeves, 2022; center: Sofie Swann, Standing Tall, Standing Proud, 2021; right: Léa Ferling, Roche, 2022

Now you have everything you need to know about acquiring works for your professional space through our lease-purchase agreement. Whatever your tastes or criteria, Artsper is happy to offer you a personalized selection of works to help you find the perfect pieces for your space. The process of incorporating art into your professional environment has never been easier, with all the logistics taken care of for you. We look forward to guiding you in adding the unique touch of art to your business soon!

About Artsper

About Artsper

Founded in 2013, Artsper is an online marketplace for contemporary art. Partnering with 1,800 professional art galleries around the world, it makes discovering and acquiring art accessible to all.

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