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The Top 10 Acrylic Paintings on Artsper Right Now
Get inspired 20 Sep 2022

The Top 10 Acrylic Paintings on Artsper Right Now

Acrylic painting is hugely popular in today’s art world. The paint, consisting of a synthetic base, pigments, water and resin, gives a bright, opaque finish. It is an incredibly versatile medium, working well in traditional portraiture, on fabric, on glass, or applied in thick, glossy daubs to give texture to a work. Although relatively new to the art world, acrylic paint soon became the favorite of many master artists. Pop art legends like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein catapulted the medium into the artistic spotlight, and today it remains one of the most popular types of paint. Artsper has put together a curated selection of our favorite acrylic paintings available to buy right now. Discover the versatility of acrylic painting, with Artsper!

1. Jade Mouge, La Lune

Jade Mouge, La Lune, 2022
Jade Mouge, La Lune, 2022, available on Artsper

French painter Jade Mouge takes advantage of the vivid opacity of acrylic painting. We love the boldness of the colors and form, in contrast to the enigmatic nature of her subjects, reminiscent of expressionism.

2. Hildegarde Handsaeme, Confused

Hildegarde Handsaeme, Confused, 2009
Hildegarde Handsaeme, Confused, 2009, available on Artsper

Artist Hildegarde Handsaeme uses the female figure as her subject, rendering it in an abstract, cubist form. She employs acrylic paint to give her work a bold sense of character and excitement.

3. Sébastien Preschoux, Krypto

Sébastien Preschoux, Krypto, 2022
Sébastien Preschoux, Krypto, 2022, available on Artsper

The versatility of acrylic paint can be seen through the work of French artist Sébastien Preschoux. He paints intricate, geometric acrylic designs onto a background of Chinese ink, giving a mesmerizing, almost mathematical effect.

4. Carolina Gajardo, Transition

Carolina Gajardo, Transition, 2022
Carolina Gajardo, Transition, 2022, available on Artsper

Acrylic paint takes on an abstract form in the work of Carolina Gajardo. Her work encapsulates an organic air, as shapes bloom onto her canvas in screaming color.

5. Adrienn Krahl, Tinman

Adrienn Krahl, Tinman, 2022
Adrienn Krahl, Tinman, 2022, available on Artsper

Acrylic work doesn’t necessarily have to be colorful, and Adrienn Krahl demonstrates this through her somber, black and white paintings. We love how despite the lack of color, she still manages to capture a sense of movement in this piece.

6. Leo Labelle, Seeing Things

Leo Labelle, Seeing Things, 2019
Leo Labelle, Seeing Things, 2019, available on Artsper

We love the dynamic, almost dreamlike nature of this acrylic work by Leo Labelle. It transports the viewer into a frenzied world of color and fairytale through its bold, illustrative nature.

7. Mariah Birsak, Japandi I

Mariah Birsak, Japandi I, 2022
Mariah Birsak, Japandi I, 2022, available on Artsper

Artsper loves the vibrant, quirky nature of this work by Dutch artist Mariah Birsak. The use of bold color and shape ties in perfectly with her design background.

8. Stratos, Défendez Moi

Stratos, Defendez Moi, 2022
Stratos, Défendez Moi, 2022, available on Artsper

French artist Stratos uses acrylic paint to create flamboyant, architectural abstract works. His strong use of color and his playful positioning of shapes is reminiscent of master artist Joan Miró.

9. Julia Von Kienlin, Begonia

Julia Von Kienlin, Begonia, 2022
Julia Von Kienlin, Begonia, 2022, available on Artsper

Acrylic paintings can be delicate, and German artist Julia Von Kienlin injects a sense of whimsy into her floral acrylic work. It is detailed, yet still has an element of youthful lightness to it.

10. Katja Van Den Bogaert, Observe

Katja Van Den Bogaert, Observe
Katja Van Den Bogaert, Observe, 2022, available on Artsper

Artist Katja Van Den Bogaert sees her abstract paintings in terms of action and vibration, using free flowing shapes and strong brushstrokes to create striking works. We love her use of color and expressive style.

Acrylic painting: a versatile medium

From detailed portraits to abstract works, acrylic painting is loved by both artists and art lovers alike. These 10 works may have been the stand-out pieces for our team, but why not take a look at our catalog and discover your own favorite acrylic paintings!

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