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The Top 10 Lithography Prints On Artsper Right Now
Get inspired 08 Sep 2022

The Top 10 Lithography Prints On Artsper Right Now

lithography print
Agnès Thurnauer, Biotope, 2017, available on Artsper

From Man Ray to JR, the lithography print crosses artistic currents as peacefully as a leaf floating on a river. It conquers the hearts of art lovers and non-art lovers alike, and fits into the intimate atmosphere of living rooms as well as the walls of MoMA. And the good news is that Artsper has over 6,000 of them! So, for your pleasure, here are our top 10 lithographic prints of the moment.

1. Sidi Ifni honors the art of lithography print

lithography print
Frank Stella, Sidi Ifni, 1973, available on Artsper

A true precursor, Frank Stella is recognized worldwide as the father of minimalism. Constantly opposing forms and colors, he has spent his career pushing back the geographical barriers of his canvases. And his work Sidi Ifni is one of the privileged witnesses of this hard work. It’s a painting that conveys an obsession for lines, symmetrical perfection and the perfect alliance of varying shades.

2. Biotope, or the feminist genius of Agnès Thurnauer

Agnès Thurnauer, Biotope, 2017
Agnès Thurnauer, Biotope, 2017, available on Artsper

Famous feminist artist, Agnès Thurnauer questions societal codes. Social norms and rules of art are constantly impugned, to be redefined as the artist wishes. Here, she delivers a work where the female character is in perfect osmosis with the decor… despite this posture being impossible to maintain. The story of a society where women must bend over backwards to live in harmony with their environment.

3. Olivier Debré, the lithography print at the service of lyrical abstraction

lithography print
Olivier Debré, Untitled, 1995, available on Artsper

Alongside French painters Poliakoff, Soulages and Hartung, Olivier Debré is a great master of lyrical abstraction. His paintings are the purest essence of what touches the artist himself — the very materialization of his emotions. This untitled work dates from the end of his life and expresses all his virtuosity. Curves rub shoulders with emptiness, intense colors dance with whiteness, melancholy speaks to joy.

4. The incredible 28 Millimeter series, Women Are Heroes

JR, 28 Millimètres, Women Are Heroes
JR, 28 Millimètres, Women Are Heroes, 2008, Swimming pool at the Intercontinental Hotel, Liberia, available on Artsper

With no less than 10 colors, this lithography print is breathtaking. The French artist JR offers us as always a composition as effective as original. This lithography is part of his 28 Millimeter series, Women Are Heroes, made in Brazil. After having made numerous portraits of women, he placed huge prints in the heart of the Favelas (slums in Brazil). These works are just like their creator— amazing!

5. Ubu Roi, the meeting of the unconscious and the political

lithography print
Joan Miró, Ubu Roi, 1966, available on Artsper

Having taken part in Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism, Joan Miró finally created his own brand of unique art. In his resolutely dreamlike paintings, he shares the awakening of his unconscious, his political views and his roots. An eclecticism that is palpable – but one that never tires – in his lithography print Ubu Roi!

6. Legend, the enchanting lithography print by Leng Bing-Chuan

Leng Bing-Chuan, Legend, 2015
Leng Bing-Chuan, Legend, 2015, available on Artsper

Enigmatic and bewitching, the works of Leng Bing-Chuan have the power to stop time. The incredible contrast of these blacks and whites, the extreme meticulousness of the details, the harmony between the empty and the full. Each element is vivid, eye-catching, fascinating both individually and globally as captured in this lithograph.

7. Subtractive Variability Circular P5, a mesmerizing lithography print

lithography print
Felipe Pantone, Subtractive Variability Circular P5, 2022, available on Artsper

Street artist and traveler, Felipe Pantone has already covered the walls of cities such as London, Tokyo, Osaka or Paris. This is a very recent work by the artist Felipe Pantone, created as part of his series Subtractive Variability Circular. The artistic research is focused on an ultra-modern aesthetic and the result is quite hypnotizing! Thanks to its palette of colors and patterns of which only the artist knows the secret, it is simply fascinating.

8. Contamination 1, a play on borders and materials

Peter Halley, Contamination 1, 2002
Peter Halley, Contamination 1, 2002, available on Artsper

An important player of the Neo-geo, a movement from the 1980s utilizing geometric abstraction to criticize consumerism of modern society. Peter Halley never tires of studying borders and materials. In this work with surrealist accents, he offers us a release of control that is colorful to say the least. The work is something to lose your mind in… and to enjoy!

9. Live from Lincoln Center, 20th Anniversary, a lithography print by the incredible Helen Frankenthaler

lithography print
Helen Frankenthaler, Live from Lincoln Center, 20th Anniversary, 1995, available on Artsper

Helen Frankenthaler has dedicated her life to creating art. Initially inspired by Cubism, she would eventually make her mark on art history with her impact on the Abstract Expressionist movement. By sprinkling her paintings with “spot colors,” she takes each viewer on a unique emotional journey.

10. The Adventures of Dialectics II, or the art of mixing realism and dreaminess

Giulio Paolini, The Adventures of Dialectics II, 1992
Giulio Paolini, The Adventures of Dialectics II, 1992, available on Artsper

Working around the original and the copy, as well as the fragment and the whole, Giulio Paolini questions reality. And this work is one of the magnificent traces of it: realism and dreaminess perform a fascinating ballet.

The lithography print, a timeless process?

While some artistic techniques are falling into disuse, lithography does not seem to suffer the effects of time. On the contrary, it adapts to the times and improves more and more, to offer art lovers unique works at affordable prices. And you, which lithographic print is your favorite? 

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