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The New Surrealist Artists
Get inspired 20 Mar 2022

The New Surrealist Artists

contemporary surrealism
Marian Williams, Retro Fantastic, We love Oil, 2018, available on Artsper

Almost a century after the writing of its first manifesto, Contemporary Surrealism continues to amaze us. Honoring Magritte, Breton, and Dalí, the current Surrealists explore in their turn dreams and society. As a true bridge between the dream world, the unconscious and the political struggle, Surrealism transports us. Today it is celebrated through photography, painting and sculpture, offering us an eccentric and mysterious world. Ready to enter this enchanting universe? Artsper presents five contemporary surrealist artists to discover!

1. Marian Williams, contemporary surrealism and political claims

Marian Williams, Good Girl 3, 2018
Marian Williams, Good Girl 3, 2018, available on Artsper

Surrealist collagist Marian Williams uses photographs and magazine illustrations to divert contemporary symbols. As a feminist artist, she defends the environment, women’s rights and fights for social justice. It is through a protean approach that Marian Williams questions our society by arousing astonishment, by proposing unexpected representations. Her work questions our beliefs and prejudices in order to develop a freer and more independent way of thinking.

2. Dariusz Klimczak, spatial complexities and the irony of dreams

contemporary surrealism
Dariusz Klimczak, Hippohome, 2021, available on Artsper

A jack of all trades, Dariusz Klimczak is a photographer, painter, journalist and drummer. In the 2010s, he discovered a passion for editing and developed a surrealist photographic universe. His work is a great detour of the notion of space. Through a game of sizes and contexts, he mixes the dreamlike with the real. He questions the near and the far, and often visits the notion of home. His work vacillates between black and white and color, but always with a remarkable palette of nuances, tones and textures. Ultimately his works become unforgettable by their ability to poke fun at stereotypes with a joyful irony.

3. Julie Lagier, a confusing and wonderful dream

contemporary surrealism
Julie Lagier, Laisse-moi rêver, 2019, available on Artsper

Through her surrealist photographs, Julie Lagier takes us into her sometimes chaotic, sometimes poetic dreams. She creates faceless portraits that combine the disappearance or multiplication of female body parts. In these photographic dreams, space and time are no longer important. Only this disarticulated parenthesis remains, which can become as disturbing as it is enchanting. A contemporary Surrealist artist whose mastery of light and lunar atmospheres offers us a singular journey.

4. Gabriel Isak, the introspective power of surrealist artworks

Gabriel Isak, Two moons - surreal photography, 2016
Gabriel Isak, Two moons – surreal photography, 2016, available on Artsper

The contemporary surrealism of Gabriel Isak invites us to dive into introspection. His favorite color being blue, his works invoke melancholy and invite meditative reflection. The characters – often solitary – are unrecognizable, so that everyone can create parallels with their own experiences. Gabriel Isak’s portraits awaken our unconscious troubles and dreams to invite us to question the “self”. Both peaceful and nostalgic, his monochrome universe translates the serene acceptance of our own inner chaos.

5. Terzo Yan, bronze as a union of man and nature

Terzo Yan, Vulcano, 2020
Terzo Yan, Vulcano, 2020, available on Artsper

The sculptures of Terzo Yan explore the continuity between man and nature. Through his sculpted plants, he makes evident the permanence of nature in human existence, and vice versa. Thanks to his excellent mastery of bronze, he gives birth to breathtaking round, bumpy sculptures and low-relief paintings. Sometimes in golden monochrome, sometimes tinted with saturated shades, Terzo Yan‘s works are a marvelous combination of technique and poetry. A delectable breath of sculptural air!

Contemporary Surrealism, elsewhere in all its forms

Confusing our reference points, Surrealism evokes a world where time flows and space moves strangely. Since the birth of this artistic movement, it never ceases to baffle us. It redefines the lines of the dream, breaks down the barriers of the unconscious, deconstructs our certainties. Questioning reality as much as dreams, contemporary surrealism opens doors of a landscape without limit. And you, which of these Surrealist artists transports you the most in this parallel universe?

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