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Our 6 Favourite Artworks by Damien Ortega
Get inspired 30 Dec 2015

Our 6 Favourite Artworks by Damien Ortega

Damian Ortega is a Mexican artist born in 1967 who lives and works between Mexico City and Berlin. His art is at the crossroad of aesthetics, economics and culture, and explore the way regional cultures impacts commodities consumption. 

Damian Ortega started his career as a political cartoonist and his art has kept the playfulness of his first activity. Ortega’s sculptures, installations, videos are inspired by a wide variety of daily life objects, from pickaxes to bricks and trash bins, all subjected to his mischievious transformation and dysfunction process. For “Cosmic Thing”, one of his most famous piece, Ortega desmanteled a Beetle Volkswagen and hung each piece to a metallic wire like in an instruction manual.

Damian Ortega has exhibited in international museums such as the Tate Modern, the Pompidou Center, the Kunsthalle Basel and the 50th Venice Biennal.

Artsper is sharing with you its 6 favorite artworks by this witty artist.

{1.COSMIC THING, 2002}

Cosmic Thing


Controller of the Universe

{3. FOSSILISED, 2012}

Fossilised, 2012

{4.CONGO RIVER, 2012}

Congo River, 2012


Margin of Accident -Running Gag, 2005

{6. HARVEST, 2013}

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