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The Top 10 Oil Paintings On Artsper Right Now
Get inspired 06 Jul 2022

The Top 10 Oil Paintings On Artsper Right Now

oil painting
Shelley Newman, Watching The Show, 2022, Available on Artsper

From hyperrealistic portraits to abstract landscapes, contemporary oil painting is exploring new artistic territories every day. From poetic journeys and emotional invitations to contemplative wonderings… Discover the top 10 oil paintings available on Artsper right now!

1. Petit-déjeuner aux clémentines, the perfection and simplicity of oil painting

Francine Van Hove, Petit-déjeuner aux clémentines, 2020
Francine Van Hove, Petit-déjeuner aux clémentines, 2020, Available on Artpser

Francine Van Hove honors classical painting with her details and play of light with a rare perfection. Her paintings combine the simplicity of everyday scenes with a certain form of graceful mystery. At once elusive and very realistic, these paintings are an ode to the natural beauty of things. Petit-déjeuner aux clémentines, is a perfect illustration of this subtly parallel universe, where quietude and melancholy dialogue in complete serenity.

2. Watching The Show, the dance of nature

oil painting
Shelley Newman, Watching The Show, 2022, Available on Artsper

Despite her attraction to watercolor, printmaking and pottery, Shelley Newman always returns to her first love, oil painting. Having first explored realism, she has focused on contemporary impressionism in recent years. In Watching The Show, Newman delivers a dance of nature full of vitality.

3. Jack Is Waiting In The Box, an exploration of harmony and multiplicity

Evelyn Morgan, Jack Is Waiting In The Box, 2021
Evelyn Morgan, Jack Is Waiting In The Box, 2021, Available on Artpser

An emerging artist, Evelyn Morgan is no less talented. Her work merges techniques as much as approaches. Oil paint rubs shoulders with embroidered cotton, abstract forms dialogue with portraits of great realism. Jack Is Waiting In The Box, shows incredible management of colors and a fascination for the world of fashion.

4. La clairière, the colorful and musical poetry of oil painting

oil painting
Agnès Cellérier, La clairière, 2022, Available on Artpser

Admiring the splendor of rural landscapes, Agnès Cellérier excels in their representation. Her oil painting focuses on the changes of the seasons, thanks to an extremely delicate eye. In La clairière, forms and colors seem to dance to the rhythm of time. It’s a musical poetry that our eyes never cease to delight.

5. The California dream, a parenthesis of serenity

Al Freno, The California dream, 2022

Al Freno, The California dream, 2022, Available on Artpser

Strongly inspired by Dalí and Picasso, Al Freno proposes to the spectators a pictorial journey in his world of absolute tranquility. Passionate about the color blue, the artist multiplies the representations of flat and peaceful water. We find delightful quietude in The California dream!

6. Pieces of me, oil painting as a medium of emotional awakening

oil painting
Poonam Choudhary, Pieces of me, 2022, Available on Artpser

One of the characteristics of Poonam Choudhary’s work is its incredible versatility. Thanks to an insatiable creativity, her works mix oil paint, acrylic, ceramic, epoxy, concrete or glass stones. Through abstract figurative art, she materializes and shares her deepest and most impalpable emotions. In Pieces of me, she once again invites viewers to emotionally awaken, to reconnect with the raw beauty of things.

7. To the ocean, an invitation to contemplate freedom

Peter de Boer, To the ocean, 2022
Peter de Boer, To the ocean, 2022, Available on Artpser

Fascinated by the sea, Peter de Boer never ceases to paint its infinite dimension with devotion. In his bucolic landscapes there is almost always a path to the sea, serving as a metaphor for his love of freedom. Like many of his works, To the Ocean is a work of contemplation. Above all, it is an invitation to take a cue from the casualness of nature, both wild and sublime.

8. Planet B, slowing down and contemplating through oil painting

oil painting
Carlos Diaz, Planet B, 2022, Available on Artpser

Thanks to his hyperrealistic paintings, Carlos Diaz sublimates each urban landscape he represents. Overwhelmed by the elegance of shadows and reflections, he splendidly conveys his love for light. In Planet B, Diaz invites – again – the spectators to ecstasy: in front of the calm, the matter, the light.

9. Inachevé, an emotional dive

Elsaegon, Inachevé, 2021
Elsaegon, Inachevé, 2021, Available on Artpser

After having explored the abstract, Elsa Egon now focuses on portraits. Thanks to an exceptional touch and an inimitable use of white, her portraits produce strong emotional reactions. Her work, Inachevé, summons our unconscious and our sensations, to immerse us in a reality dictated by other laws.

10. Feel 3, a confrontation of life and death

oil painting
Liora, Feel 3, 2021, Available on Artpser

The use of the color black is a common thread in the work of Liora. Confronting him with intense colors such as blue or red, this black reinforces the oppositions. Liora’s works deal with light and darkness, life and death, love and hate… A tension that we find in Feel 3, notably thanks to the mixture of antagonistic forms and colors.

Oil painting, a contemplative parenthesis?

Because it requires a great technical mastery, oil painting is an art of patience. And this dimension is very present in the artists who choose to dedicate themselves to it. Despite a remarkable diversity, their works have in common to be particularly contemplative. It’s a meditative poetry that never ceases to move us.