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A Beginner’s Guide: How to Resell an Artwork on Artsper
Artstyle 08 Nov 2022

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Resell an Artwork on Artsper

For those looking to resell an artwork for the first time, the art market can seem overwhelming. While the reselling of artworks (known as the secondary market) used to take place mostly at auction or through galleries and dealers, there is now also the possibility of reselling works online. On Artsper, you can resell a work acquired on the platform after two years from purchase. We will take care of the hard part, and all you have to do is ship the work. To guide you through the art consignment process, we have created a short guide outlining everything you need to know. 

Why resell on Artsper?

There are multiple advantages to reselling an artwork on Artsper. First of all, our site attracts more than 700,000 international monthly visitors, searching for their next favorite artwork. Your work is connected with this vast network of potential buyers, who will be able to find it by browsing our artist or thematic pages, or by searching keywords. You can also receive a free artwork appraisal in under 48 hours from your request with our partner, helping you choose the best price for your artwork. We do not charge any upfront fees, and you can leave your artwork on our site for as long as you like. Once the work is sold, we take a commission fee of 25%. 

Photo by Eri Pançi via Unsplash

The criteria for reselling artworks on Artsper

To resell an artwork on Artsper, you must verify first that it meets these criteria:

  • The artist is one of the 25,000 artists already exhibited on Artsper. You can check easily this by searching the name of the artist on the search bar.
  • The original price of the work was between €800 and €25,000.
  • You purchased the work over two years ago.
  • Prices should be correlated with the artist’s rating.
  • The work is in perfect condition and you still have the certificate of authenticity and the purchase invoice.
  • The work must be unique or numbered in limited edition (no more than 300 copies).
  • The work is not a design object or a vintage work from before 1950.
  • No copies of the work are available for sale on the site.
Okuda, Andy Mask, 2017, artwork resold on Artsper

How to resell a work on Artsper

Once you have checked that it meets the above criteria, you are ready to begin consigning your artwork! Once you have chosen a price for your artwork, you can click on “Resell this work” in the My Purchases tab. To submit an artwork that is not already on the platform, you can create a collector account and complete this form, adding as much information as you can about the work. You will also need to upload clear, high quality photographs of the work. Don’t hesitate to consult our selling conditions for more information on art consignment through Artsper.

Shipping your artwork and receiving your payment

If your work is sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale. You will then receive a second email from our team which will provide you with information about shipping the work. To compare courier prices, you can use the site UPELA. You will have five days from the time of purchase to ship your work. In order to facilitate our team’s process, you will need to send the following details to consignment@artsper.com:

  • The delivery time
  • The name of the carrier
  • The tracking number
  • The invoice of the carrier
  • Your RIB for reimbursement
  • Your identity card or passport

Once you have shipped the artwork, track the package using your chosen courier service. Send us an email at consignment@artsper.com to inform us of the shipment and we will process your reimbursement. After your work has been delivered successfully, you must wait 14 days to receive your payment. The amount will equal the amount of the sale plus shipping costs, minus the commission fee.

Congratulations, you now know all the steps to begin your journey in the secondary market and grow your collection as you desire. We hope that your work will attract a new buyer very soon… In the meantime, discover our art fair guide to learn all the secrets of fair-enthused collectors!