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5 Ways To Discover New Artists
Get inspired 02 Aug 2022

5 Ways To Discover New Artists

Like collecting art and want to expand your collection? You are looking for that one-in-a-million artwork to decorate your living room? Or you like to invest and find new talent before anyone else? Finding new artists when you don’t work in the art market can be difficult. With the amount of work available online, in galleries or at fairs, it’s hard to know where to start. Fortunately, Artsper is here to give you some pointers! We’re sharing with you five ways to discover new artists…

Raphaël Laventure, Blissful Moment, 2019, contemporary art, emergent artist, artsper
Raphaël Laventure, Blissful Moment, 2019, available on Artsper

1. Social media

Su Yu, No Ruler, Artsper, contemporary art, discover new artists
Su Yu, No Ruler, 2022, available on Artsper

Simple but effective, the use of social networks is today one of the easiest and fastest ways to discover new artists. Social media platforms, like Instagram, are very good prescribers since the algorithms automatically identify your personal tastes. A good way to discover new artists is to follow artists you already like and follow the recommendations that will be made to you. Also, hashtags can be useful. Want more illustration artists on your news feed? Follow the hashtag #illustrationartists on Instagram. To bring inspiration to you, we recommend following art and curation accounts on Instagram such as: @artsper_ @blackwomeninvisualart @dariasimoneharper @lecercledelart and many more!

2. Discover new artists at art fairs

art fair art basel, contemporary art, discover new artists
Art fairs are a great opportunity to see the work of hundreds of artists in one place © Art Basel

Art fairs serve as a showcase for galleries and artists who rely on these events to generate sales. When you go to an art fair (or attend one online!), you’ll discover selections made by galleries, which present the best of their artists. And many of them, to differentiate themselves, exhibit new, emerging and promising artists. Enjoy fairs such as FIAC, Frieze and Art Basel this year!

3. Art galleries

art gallery, Ceysson and Bénétière gallery, Tania Mouraud ORLAN, contemporary art
Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery © Tania Mouraud / ORLAN

Galleries have always been talent scouts, and they work hard to bring new art to art lovers and young collectors alike. In addition to a quality curation specific to the style of each gallery, you will be accompanied throughout the acquisition and directly advised according to your tastes. Don’t want to buy? Don’t worry, you can simply look at the artworks. Moreover, the galleries are also an excellent way to learn about the fluctuations of the art market. Discover or rediscover new galleries directly on Artsper!

4. Art media: discoverers of new artists

Garspard Mitz, Mystic River, sculpture, Artsper, contemporary art
Gaspard Mitz, Mystic River, 2022, available on Artsper

Indeed, newspapers and blogs dedicated to art are good tools to discover new artists. On the lookout for new artistic trends, journalists are interested in emerging contemporary artists and publish regularly about them. In print or online, art media are numerous. Even easier: many of them have accounts on social networks, which can bring you more information, even more easily. So keep your eyes open!

5. Online art marketplaces

Philippe Martins, Nuit Rouge, Artsper, painting, contemporary art, discover new artists, online platform, online marketplace
Philippe Martins, Nuit rouge, 2020, available on Artsper

In the mood to stay at home but still want to benefit from an expertise in art? The online sale of contemporary art is a major facet of the art market. More than commercial platforms, the role of these marketplaces is also that of cultural mediator. With Artsper’s “emerging artists” collection, discover the works of promising artists who might catch your eye! To receive regular information on new artists to follow, subscribing a newsletter is also a good solution.

New ways to discover new artists

You’ve got it: in 2022, the Internet makes it easier to find artists and plays a key role in the art market. Galleries and art fairs are still essential, but social media, blogs and online art sales sites are new players that should not be overlooked. So what are your tips for discovering new artists?