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10 Contemporary Works of Art to Decorate Your Interior
Get inspired 22 Jul 2022

10 Contemporary Works of Art to Decorate Your Interior

Art and interior design have long been considered branches of the same tree. That is why at Artsper, we hold a holistic approach to art and design, encompassing pieces of home decor, tableware, and decorative objects within our vast array of contemporary artworks on our online catalog. When it comes to interior design, we believe in creating art-centric home decor. That is why we have curated the perfect list of our top 10 contemporary artworks for the home. Browse by interior design aesthetic as Artsper brings you one step closer to creating your dream art-filled home.

1. For the naturalist interior:

Where better to begin our list with a return back to nature with a classical landscape painting? Interior design is often about enthusing the environment already there. So by displaying a landscape by Louis Rheiner for example, one is truly able to bring the outside into your home. Perhaps the most well-known landscapist of the late 18th century is William Turner. See our curation of naturalist contemporary reimaginings of landscapes inspired by the master artist himself.

2. For the urban loft interior:

Moving now into the world of the loft interior, we imagine such an urban, brutalist, dimensional space requires art to soften its harsh iron-clad aesthetic. To enhance the building’s design aesthetic, why not pick an architectural drawing to hang on one of its walls. Either monochromatic or bold colored art will work in this space. But the artwork must be striking in order to assure it is not lost amongst the strong dimensions of the loft space. An artist that would fit this decor perfectly is Mark Rothko. To suit a smaller budget, we have the fabulous example of the work of fellow American Michel Tabori. The digigraphic print, Coquelicots et iris dans un champ de tournesols, holds an ochre boldness that is sure to take pride of place in your urban loft interior.

3. For the summer house interior:

For those of us looking to fill their summer home with the best that contemporary art has to offer then look no further than our vamos a la playa thematic curation. Whether that you are looking for an art piece for your second home on the Île de Ré or the Hamptons, your pick of contemporary art for the home decor must reflect the beautiful scenery of its environment. Take this Edward Hopper-inspired oil painting by François Foucras set in his native France. A fan of the painting en plein air technique, Foucras’ artistic ambition is to present the natural light in its fleeting transience, preserving it, upon his canvas, forever.

4. For the townhouse:

For the city-dweller with a townhouse, a statement sculpture in the entrance hallway is the only fitting decoration to welcome guests. A bold entrance piece by the Turner prize-winning artist Anish Kapoor is a great way to transform one’s hallway into something striking by means of bold color choices. If you’re looking for something more 3-dimensional then perhaps a street art sculpture by Richard Orlinkski is a good fit. Another option is the logo-maniac artist Ghost art whose work would make a lovely addition to greet your visitors upon arrival.

5. For the lover of opulence:

For the lover of opulence and all things grandiose, the sculptural bust is the perfect addition to an interior design scheme. Place a bronze bust in your drawing room on the mantelpiece to give the room some added palatial opulence. This example by Martín Duque does just that. It has a clever take on an equine subject instead of the typically-seen male or female form.

6. For the country manor:

For those situated in the countryside, a sophisticated portrait in the oil paint technique or a still life might a suitable choice. For those more taken by flora rather than fauna, perhaps the addition of a botanical poster such as by the artist Tekla Aleksieva might be more of the right fit. Alternatively a lace drawing by Françoise Mamert might stir up in you the quintessential air of the your countryside dwelling.

7. For the Scandinavian interior:

Hailing from Scandinavia comes the ever popular tonal, paired-back, soft-touch interior design aesthetic. In an ode to the scandi-states one can either opt for a minimalist beige-toned canvas or embrace something perhaps more dramatic inspired by the work of Edvard Munch. An example of the latter is the dramatic work by photorealist photographer Gonçalo Martins or a monochromatic print by Joey Feldman.

8. For the “trendy” home owner:

Ah the trendy home owner! Perhaps a millennial by nature, a minimalist, Frank Stella-inspired print is always a great shout for them. Fun, Matisse-inspired prints are also very popular within this trendy home-owner community. A print does not need to blow the budget either. So why not introduce a feature wall of your favorite prints? This will add a pop of color and pattern to your home in an art-centric way.

9. For the zen interior:

For the zen-orientated individual, the adoption of the fundamentals of Feng Shui is an extremely important consideration. Thus, a considered collection of art is necessary to incorporate into one’s interior decor. A suitable piece for this person is a sculpture by Marc Mugnier that embraces all 4 of the natural elements.

10. For the iconographic lover of contemporary art:

An edition of a Leo Manelli pigment print on paper
Leo Manelli, The Art Studio, 2021 © Artsper

And finally to end on the type of the anachronistic art lover’s perfect interior. Who better than to vocalise this style than the artist Leo Manelli. Known for displaying interior spaces, this artist’s multi-layered compositions will bring a dimensionality to your space. The concept of an interior inside of an interior is also popular with fellow artists Sandra Paris and Javier Mariscal.

And there you have it, Artsper’s top 10 examples of contemporary art for the home. We hope you have found some inspiration for your next addition to your interior design scheme!