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8 Beautiful Villas Belonging to Artists You Need to See
Artstyle 27 Aug 2021

8 Beautiful Villas Belonging to Artists You Need to See

Are you a fan of art and architecture? This article is made especially for you! Artsper presents 8 villas and houses of artists and designers from around the world. From France to Spain to Mexico, there is something for every destination and for every taste. Let yourself be surprised by these remarkable villas!

1. Gustave Moreau’s house in Paris

Gustave Moreau, the famous painter and sculptor of the 19th century, decided in 1897 to turn his house into a museum to preserve his artworks. The artist from the symbolist movement asked the architect Albert Lafont to take charge of the renovations. Located at 14 rue de la Rochefoucauld in Paris, the museum opened its doors to the public in 1903. In total, there are thousands of drawings, paintings and watercolors on display. It’s easy to feel the temptation to visit this incredible place… 

House of Gustave Moreau - Paris
House of Gustave Moreau – Paris

2. Salvador Dalí‘s house in Cadaqués

Salvador Dali’s magnificent villa / museum is located in the east of Spain. The artist lived his whole life in this small fishermen’s house. Built in the form of a labyrinth, this unusual house is worth a visit…

Dali artist house
Salvador Dalí’s house – Cadaqués

3. Monet’s house in Giverny

Claude Monet, impressionist painter of the XXth century, left to live in Giverny with his family in 1883 in a pleasant house with around one hectare of grounds. He made his garden the floral paradise from which he would later draw inspiration for his paintings. Only 40 minutes away from Paris, this unique and exotic place is worth a visit.

monet giverny
Monet’s house – Giverny

4. The blue house of Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan

The most famous female artist of the 20th century, Frida Kahlo, lived in the district of Coyoacan in Mexico City. You can visit the house where Frida and her husband Diego spent their entire life. This house with an intense blue color and a magnificent garden captivates all who visit.

Casa Azul Frida Kahlo house
Blue house of Frida Khalo – Coyoacan

5. The villa of the Troglodytes of Jacques Couëlle in Cannes

At the edge of the bay of Cannes, you can find a unique architecture-sculpture: a villa composed of curves and bends. Built in 1955, it was the famous architect Jacques Couëlle’s third spectacular work: a landscape house that he named “Les Troglodytes”. Don’t forget to visit it if you are in the south!

Villa d'artiste Troglodytes Jacques Couëlle Cannes
Villa des Troglodytes by Jacques Couëlle – Cannes

6. The villa Santo Sospir of Jean Cocteau in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

The French poet, painter and filmmaker Jean Cocteau owned the most beautiful modern style villa. This villa, named Santo Sospir, built in 1935, is the place where Jean Cocteau created his first mural work. He painted the head of Apollo above the fireplace. His villa appears in his film The Wills of Orpheus and is now a French historical monument. 

Villa d'artiste Santo Sospir by Jean Cocteau - Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
Villa Santo Sospir by Jean Cocteau – Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

7. Philip Johnson’s glass house in New Canaan

This peculiar glass house is located in the United States. It belongs to the American modern architect Philip Johnson. Designed in 1949, its glass windows are supported by a simple steel structure, and therefore possible to see through the walls of this unusual house. 

Glass house by Philip Johnson
Glass house by Philip Johnson – New Canaan

8. Octavio Ocampo’s shell house in Isla Mujeres

To close this selection of the most beautiful villas of artists and architects we go to Mexico. Built by the architect brothers Octavio and Eduardo Ocampo in 1994, they built their house in the shape of a shell. Inside and outside, everything resembles this shape.

shell house
Octavio Ocampo’s shell house – Isla Mujeres

These 8 houses and villas are surprising and their unique styles are all the more striking in person; they are worth a look if you happen to be in the cities where they are located.

And if you are a fan of art-architecture, check out our selection of artworks related to the theme of architecture!

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