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Popular NFT Trends
Get inspired 26 Jul 2022

Popular NFT Trends

If you have yet to really understand the concept of NFT, our guide to NFT art might be able to help. These digital artworks have gained in popularity for over a year, and some sales have even been phenomenal records like at Christie’s in 2021. Artsper takes you on a tour of the most popular NFT trends!

Satisfying NFTs

roger kilimanjaro golden pottery 2021
Roger Kilimanjaro, Golden Pottery, 2021

Digital art has, since its beginning, been full of satisfying shapes and colors. Notably, we often find videos with repetitive and hypnotizing movements. Consequently, it is one of the most valued forms of digital art. These types of NFTs often follow a style close to Surrealism, with relaxing pastel colors. The movements are repeated infinitely, in perfect synchronization. This concept is not new, however, as this sort of video has been circulating online since forever, but digital artists have been quick to jump on the occasion to make them popular NFTs.

Abstract NFTs

tyler hobbes side effects inclue/d
Tyler Hobbes, Side effects inclue/d, 2019

Abstract Art has always been the least accessible type of art and is thus often considered pretentious. It is therefore interesting to witness these types of works blossom in the particularly accessible and vulgarized context that is the digital art market. Digital Abstract artists have the advantage of endless possibilities by working through a screen, thus putting no limits on their creativities.

NFT Avatars

cryptopunks larvalabs nft
Cryptopunks via LarvaLabs

If you are interested in NFT trends, you have probably seen these digital artworks in the form of avatars. After all, in the era of the metaverse, choosing a digital alter ego will soon become a necessity. In this category, Crypto Punks are the main reference: these avatars were the very first ones to be part of the universe of NFTs. They are now collected and exchanged for exuberating sums!

Dystopian NFTs

valentin pavageau mediation 2020
Valentin Pavageau, Mediation, 2020. Available on Artsper

Digital art often plays with the concept of imaginary worlds. And for good reason; the very concept of NFTs questions our conception of art, but also of reality, which is becoming more online. Belgian artist Valentin Pavageau creates captivating, geometrical, and calming universes, which are also slightly anxiety-inducing. His characters are often alone, in perfectly traced landscapes.

Dreamy NFTs

la robotte proxima 2390
La Robotte, Proxima 2390, 2021. Available on Artsper

As opposed to dystopian NFTs, the ones closer to utopia are also very popular. These colorful and detailed scenes are common in the digital art market. Some of the dreamiest artists include La Robotte, Cajuca, and Sabrina Ratté. In a similar style, Blake Kathryn is also one of the big names on the NFT art market.

NFT Advertisements

coca-cola nft
The Coca-Cola Friendship Loot Box NFT, Via Coca-Cola

With the rapid success of NFT art, popular brands have quickly noticed that it could be used to their advantage. Nike, for instance, was one of the first to dive into digital content and collaborated with the popular NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club. Nike even started selling its own NFT sneakers for hundreds of thousands of dollars… On the cosmetics side, Clinique also found an interest in NFTs in order to promote its products. NFTs are thus turning into tools for promotion and marketing.

To conclude, digital art is still controversial and approached rather prudently by art lovers. This type of art offers new possibilities to artists which they could not access on a canvas, but the speed at which NFT trends change suggests that their success might not be durable…