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Spotlight on NFT Art: 5 Artists to Follow
Get inspired 15 Feb 2022

Spotlight on NFT Art: 5 Artists to Follow

Spotlight on NFT Art: 5 Artists to Follow!
Roger Kilimandjaro, Vision 7. Luck, 2021

A rising star of contemporary art, crypto-art unleashes passions and rains dollar bills. Beckoning us to enter a parallel world, between hyperrealism, surrealism and abstraction, NFT art never ceases to amaze. But like any trend, the quality of the work is as heterogeneous as it is diverse. Here we present a selection of NFT artists to follow!

1. Roger Kilimandjaro, the hypnotic power of NFT art

Roger Kilimandjaro
Roger Kilimandjaro, Golden Noodles Press, 2020

The works of Roger Kilimandjaro are as exquisite as they are addictive. The artist makes shapes, textures and colors dance in a ballet of infinite loops of rare elegance. Each of his pieces is a magma of antagonisms: the symbols of a senseless capitalism rub shoulders with our childish dreams. The assembly line work dialogue with worldly imagery. Classicism meets popular culture. Without claiming to denounce, Roger Kilimandjaro’s work nevertheless echoes the power of inertia of our capitalist society. For if his work is both comforting and enjoyable, don’t they also have the capacity to hypnotize us? As dazzled spectators, we admire the works of Kilimanjaro as we scrutinize our own society, between primary satisfaction and intellectual paralysis.

2. Beeple, the essential of crypto-art

Beeple, the essential of crypto-art
Beeple, Human One, 2021

How to approach NFT art without mentioning Beeple? This artist is now a must-see in the art world generally, and more particularly in crypto-art. He became famous based on the sale of his work Everyday: The First Five Thousand Days. After 13 years of daily work, Beeple has finally seen his diligence rewarded. This digital collage of 5,000 images was purchased for $69 million in March 2021. In November of the same year, Beeple completed Human One, a life-size 3D NFT sculpture. Already sold, this work presents a cosmonaut in a silver jumpsuit, but which could very soon change outfit or universe. Beeple still has many surprises in store for us with this evolving work, as well as all those to come!

3. Blake Kathryn, a Martian parenthesis

Blake Kathryn, a Martian parenthesis
Blake Kathryn, Process stream, 2020

Mixing mirific universes and bewitching creatures, Blake Kathryn’s work is intriguing. Saturated with metallic, pale and aerial colors, his works plunge us into a surreal world. A universe resolutely imbued with science fiction culture, which vacillates between an uncertain future and joyful musing. Kathryn’s works make you want to (re)discover Ray Bradbury’s books!

4. Vhils, where street art meets the world of NFTs

Vhils, when Street Art penetrates the world of NFT
Vhils, The End of the Industrial Era, 2021

Portuguese street artist Vhils creates his sculptures on abandoned walls. In the tradition of Banksy and JR, he uses art as a tool to connect the city to its inhabitants. Made by explosives, acid or silk-screening, his portraits of anonymous people have allowed him to gain worldwide fame. In 2021, Vhils invaded the NFT universe with a new explosive project, The End of the Industrial Era. His work appeared after the destruction of a building facade, only to disappear as it was born. The video capturing the ephemeral work was then auctioned on Nifty Gateway, a platform dedicated to NFTs.

5. Julien Rivoire, sublime NFT art

Julien Rivoire
Julien Rivoire, Something Went Wrong There, 2019

A true prodigy of detail and harmony, Julien Rivoire creates works that are incredibly delicious to the eye. Satisfying, perfectly textured and comforting, his creations are reminiscent of visual ASMR and the work of artists like Dan Lam. This infinitely sweet approach takes us into a parallel universe, between eternal childhood and mature perfectionism.

NFT art: enchanting or daunting?

Sold by crypto-currency, dematerialized and impalpable, NFT art is, by essence, abstract. However, it is also the contemporary artistic trend in which hyperrealism rules. And this is in fact the paradox raised by NFTs. It is at once concrete and dreamlike, popular and elitist, comforting and disturbing, alternative and prestigious. This reflects our society in all its paradoxical dimensions. While it offers us an enchanted bubble, it also interferes in the market with exorbitant prices and takes a heavy ecological toll. Are you a fan or a skeptic of this new artistic trend?