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All You Need to Know About CADAF
Artstyle 07 Jun 2022

All You Need to Know About CADAF

Digital art has been around for a while now. That’s why CADAF co-founders Elena Zavelev & Andrea Steuer are pros in the field! Elena set out working in the digital art scene way back in 2017. She set out into the field after receiving her education in contemporary art and connoisseurship at Christie’s. After receiving her classical training, she chose to launch herself in a career in the blossoming digital art industry. This came about by her co-founding CADAF in New York. Artsper is a proud official sponsor of CADAF’s Digital Art Month Parisian edition. In collaboration with BeauxArts, CADAF present this festival at the forefront of innovative artistry.

What is CADAF?

Meet Andrea Steuer & Elena Zavelev, co-directors and founders of CADAF
Meet Andrea Steuer & Elena Zavelev, co-directors and founders of CADAF

CADAF is a platform that specializes in offering a flexible and transparent split commission and revenue share that works for all sides of the artistic realm. Since CADAF’s establishment, co-founders Elena Zavelev and Andrea Steuer set about creating a marketplace that just launched in May 2022. It is intended at becoming a sustainable network that prioritizes the needs of curators, artists and collectors alike. The marketplace exists as a place where curators have the power to build their visions, develop collections, and collaborate. Artists are able to participate in or curate shows as well as getting access to the top curator network. Furthermore, on a consumer level, collectors can explore the highest quality art in an energy-efficient way. Something that is very important to consider in the digital age. CADAF also prides itself on rewarding artists from early on in order to continue their development.

Thus, CADAF and Artsper have many values that align making them the perfect partner with which to collaborate!

CADAF’s support for the digital art community

CADAF also supports the digital art community by organizing several events every year that run on a global scale thanks to their digitalized nature. These events include the OG Art fair for fine digital art, art NFTs & “Artsy” collectibles. This is run as both a virtual as well as in-person event. CADAF prides itself on producing year-round educational programs and pedagogical workshops. These help engage and support its digital community of artists and art lovers. Whether they are beginners dipping their toes into the water of the digital art industry or well-established digital artists, CADAF remains a well-reputed industry specialist able to provide support.

Another event is their Digital Art Month. Having previously been centered around showcasing the city of New York, CADAF’s Digital Art Month now runs as a global, month long, augmented reality and video art festival. For the first time in June of 2022, CADAF comes to Paris. It has established a partnership with the BeauxArts in order to create the first edition of Digital Art Month Paris.

Brought to you by CADAF: Digital Art Month Paris

Digital Art Month Paris Artworks—On the left: Le Seul Triomphe by Ger Killeen and on the right: LS500 Love Machine by Laura Shepherd
Digital Art Month Paris Artworks—On the left: Peaceflowers by Katina Bitsicas and on the right: Ironed Curtain by Rosa Hirn

Showcased amongst the many artists collaborating with CADAF for this edition of their Digital Art Month are Ger Killeen and Laura Shepherd.

Ger Killeen is a digital poet, AR artist, and an independent AR and web developer for the arts, literature, and digital humanities. He is a Snapchat Official Lens Creator. This work wraps the Arc de Triomphe in digital imagery and effects to communicate the message that Peace is ultimately our only true triumph.

Laura Shepherd is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and creative director based in London.⁠ Fueled by flower power and a special 5-HT digital pattern formulation, the love machine processes and emits and endless stream of positive loving energy to neutralize the negative vibrations generated by war and geopolitical disharmony.⁠

Digital Art Month’s Treasure Hunt

It’s official! As of June 2022, the streets of the French capital are filled with augmented reality and video art that stands for peace in Ukraine.

📍 See Digital Art Month’s website for their interactive art map!

Interactive art map, Digital Art Month Paris, 2022
Interactive art map, Digital Art Month Paris, 2022

No matter where in the world you are located, you can still enjoy the best of CADAF’s Digital Art Month! Artsper has a vast collection of digitally-inspired art pieces for you to browse from the comfort of your own home. Whether that be the work of Marie KVK and Cajuca, among other digital artists, Artsper has you covered. Discover our curated selection of artworks inspired by Artsper’s unwavering commitment to digital art and partnership with CADAF!

About Artsper

About Artsper

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