Arte Povera: A Short Guide

While the Pop art movement was having great success, a group of italien artists embarked on an entirely different intellectual journey… arte povera or “poor” art. In their refusal to conceive artworks as products, these artists put into place new artistic practices that would inspire conceptual art. More of an “attitude” than an art movement so to speak, arte povera aims to defy the cultural … Continue reading Arte Povera: A Short Guide

A short guide to Arte Povera

While two exhibitions are taking place simultaneously at the Louvre and Versailles with symbolic artists of that movement, Artsper offers you to focus on Arte Povera, artistic movement born a little less than a century ago in Italy.   “Attitude” more than a real artistic movement, Arte Povera was born in September 1967 when art critic Germano Celant chose to present an exhibition on this … Continue reading A short guide to Arte Povera