Contemporary Art in Berlin!

We hear it everywhere: Berlin is THE place to be for contemporary art in Europe! Young, open-minded, dynamic and offbeat, everything can happen in Berlin and “underground” is the word in every mouth. Many internationally-renowned artists have chosen this city to live and work/establish their studio such as Wolfgang Tillmanns, Olafur Eliasson, and Daniel Richter to name a few. Here are a few places that … Continue reading Contemporary Art in Berlin!

10 things to know about Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder is a virtuoso of balancing, a master scholar of spatial harmony, playing with the counterbalance of unchanging masses. This major artist of the 20th century, having worked beside Miro, Arman andMondrian, is today one of the most popular artists in the market. Born in the USA in 1898 and deceased in 1976, Alexander Calder is acclaimed by all the biggest museums in the … Continue reading 10 things to know about Alexander Calder