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6 exhibitions to see right now
Artstyle 19 Jan 2017

6 exhibitions to see right now

As part of our good wishes for this year, Artsper has made a list of exhibitions for you, to give you an irresistible desire to start this new year surrounded by art. You just have a few days left to explore them.

#1 Paris, Beethoven in Philharmonie


Let yourself become intoxicated by a Beethovenian musical whirlwind and get impregnated by the famous adage of the German composer “Whoever understands the sense of music must become free from all misery” at the Philharmonie in Paris. The exhibition’s co-curator Colin Lemoine, a critic at Oeil Magazine, has distilled his poetic talents in the creation of an ingenious scenography with sharp references.

End of the Exhibition January 29

Where? 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris

#2 Marcel Duchamp, Prize at Centre Pompidou


This will be a premiere ….. the Centre Pompidou has invited the four finalist of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, an internationally renowned prize, to exhibit within its walls: Kader Attia, Yto Barrada, Ulla Von Brandenburg and Barthélémy Toguo. This is your opportunity to discover the current stars of contemporary art. Anthropological, poetic and political.

End of the Exhibition January 30

Where? Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris

#3 Andres Serrano, at “la maison de la photographie”


This photograph is known for his acerbic approach, his anticlerical position (he is the author of the Crucifix Immersed in Urine) and his intransigent pictures of torture. With a humanistic purpose, Andres Serrano will put the men living on the shadow on the spotlight at the Maison de la Photographie with his portraits of the homeless, which he respectfully calls “Nomads”, “residents” or “habitants”. He will present as well the well-known: Trump. A shifted and subverted perspective.

End of the exhibition January 29

Where ? 5/7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris

Exhibitions in other parts of France

#4 Marseille, “The trill is gone”, Theo mercier at mac Marseille


A fulgurant ascension for Théo Mercier: Only thirty years old but already ex-resident of the Villa Médicis, winner of the Marcel Duchamp prize in 2014 and sponsor of the 2016 edition of the ActOral festival. “The Thrill is Gone” baffles and disconcerts. A cluster of heteroclite objects that seem frozen in time. Objects of vanities? Remains? The questions multiply … come and discover the answer.

End of exhibition January 29

Where? 69 Avenue de Hamburg, 13008 Marseille

#5 Dijon, “You should be an artist”, Rodney Graham at consortium


Philosophy, music, history, cinema … if an exhibition puts together several forms of artistic expressions, it is this one! Through paintings, installations and films, Rodney Graham, a Canadian artist, will exhibit humorous situations and multiple references at the Consortium in Dijon. His light boxes have make him famous and his search for supports and subjects seem to be declining to infinity. He manages to mix different periods and epochs with audacity. Nothing can stop him!

End of the exhibition February 18, 2017

Where ? 37 Rue de Longvic, 21000 Dijon

#6 Saint-Etienne, “Danger zones” Anne et patrick poirier at mac Saint Etienne


Large-scale creations, sculptures in huge formats, and absorbent photographs… This polymorphic duo of artists, Anne and Patrick Poirier, presents the path of memory. The remains of civilizations are the main source of ‘Danger Zones’. This exhibition raises a question: how could the flaws of these same civilizations have initiated the evolution towards the future?

End of the exhibition January 29, 2017

Where? Rue Fernand Léger – 42270 Saint-Priest-en-Jarez