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Everything you should know about the Prix Dauphine for Contemporary Art 2023
Artstyle 30 May 2023

Everything you should know about the Prix Dauphine for Contemporary Art 2023

The Prix Dauphine for Contemporary Art (PDAC in French) is a student initiative launched in 2014. It was created in an effort to support young contemporary creation. Organized yearly in Paris by a student association, it’s supported by the university Paris Dauphine – PSL, from which it gets its name. Each year, the Prix Dauphine selects the works from art school students or artists under 30 years old. The unique part of it? They’re participating as artist-curator duos. This allows them to present work that combines complementary approaches and visions. Today, on the occasion of the prize’s new edition, Artsper tells you everything you need to know on the Prix Dauphine for Contemporary Art 2023!

An Important Anniversary

Prix Dauphine 2023
The logo of the 2023 edition of the Prix Dauphine © PDAC 2023

In 2023, the Prix Dauphine celebrates its 10th edition! Its first-ever event, in 2014, was centered on the theme of the Border and was highly successful. The following ones, “Metamorphoses, “Tandem” and “Immersion”, were also celebrated. Each year, the Prix Dauphine unites contestants, jury and art lovers around a shared passion. As such, it has managed to become a key event for the support of young contemporary creation in Paris. What’s more, for this anniversary edition, the exhibition is paired with an exciting cultural program including dance performances, roundtable discussions, textile workshops, a concert and a drag show.

Prix Dauphine 2023: An Impactful Theme

This year, the Prix Dauphine is centered on a very particular theme: “Monstrous: The marvelous in reverse”. Participating artists and curators are free to explore it any way they like. From metamorphosis to the abject, the organic and biological norms, the “monstrous” is an invitation to question what’s abnormal – and the implied notion of “normal”. A rich and complex theme, that can hold meaning for everyone!

A Prestigious Jury

Like every year, the Prix Dauphine has carefully selected its jury amongst relevant professionals of the art world. They are namely the ones who select the duos exhibited for the prize. This year, the jury includes Margaux Brugvin, art critic and content creator; Vincent Sator, gallery director; Taous Dahmani, curator, author and art historian; artist Dora Jeridi; and François Quintin, director of the Lambert Foundation in Avignon. At the end of the exhibition, these 5 jury members will elect a duo for the Jury Prize.

A Show in the Heart of Paris

galerie du crous, prix dauphine 2023
Inside the Crous gallery space, where the exhibition of the Prix Dauphine 2023 will take place © Le Crous Paris

The exhibition of works will be hosted in the heart of the French capital. The gallery space belongs to the Crous, a public service organization dedicated to student life. It is located in the 6th arrondissement, a bustling and culture-rich neighborhood. The exhibition is open from June 8th to June 17th, 2023. During that time, everyone is invited to contemplate and appreciate the talent of the contestants!

Prix Dauphine 2023: The Selected Duos

It is no easy task to pick a winner amongst highly talented young artists and curators. And yet, this is what you may have to do! In fact, in addition to the Jury Prize winner, the Prix Dauphine also awards a Public Choice Prize. Evidently, each visitor is free – and encouraged! – to vote. If you can’t make it to the physical event to witness the visual effect and impact of the exhibited works, here is a roundup of the selected contestants:

  • Aurélia Casse (artist) and Fanny Trachon (curator) use a feminist and collaborative approach. They are presenting a photographical piece on “the artificiality of images, the monstrous aspect of identity and the ambiguity of women’s relationships.”
  • Lou Le Forban (artist) and Thomas Maestro (curator) conceived an in-situ installation allowing the showcasing of a film Lou created, along with textile pieces.
  • Alexandre Mugnier (artist) and Amélie Boulin (curator) have a common interest for the ideas of ruin and alteration, namely in the digital image. They are presenting a photographical piece for the Prix Dauphine.
  • Ekaterina Costa (artist) and Sonia Kovaleva (curator) have been following and supporting each other for years, between France and Russia. For the Prix Dauphine, they are presenting a very personal collaborative project about the sickness of a mother.
  • Mona Cara (artist) and Victoire Mangez (curator) are showing a textile piece playing with the idea of duality and representing the theme of “Monstrous: The Marvelous in Reverse.”
  • HaYoung (artist) et Théo Diers (curator) explore the life of GD (Google Dinosaur) through an installation that plays with the gaps between the real and the digital.

Prix Dauphine 2023: A Talent-Filled Edition

From photography and glitch art to textile and film, the Prix Dauphine 2023 reflects the impressive talent and innovation of young artists and curators today. If you’d like to discover new names in which to invest, or meet the new generation who will shape tomorrow’s art world, don’t miss the event!

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