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Artistic Trends Not to Miss in 2023
Artstyle 23 Jul 2023

Artistic Trends Not to Miss in 2023

How will the art world evolve in 2023? The resurgence of physical exhibitions and art fairs led to a strong return of art events in 2022. Future trends in the art world are already taking shape: galleries, collectors, and artists are showing us new ways of producing and consuming. The art market is changing, becoming more inclusive, more open to the world and to new technologies. So, what are the artistic trends expected in 2023?

1. Authenticity: a return to the tangible

The year 2021 was saw a digital art and NFT boom, but in 2022, the frenzy for digital art subsided. Real, painted works with palpable textures and material supports are popular. This trend will continue in 2023. For example, expect to see a lot of works with text, which draw the viewer into a visual and original narrative. In short, the public expects to be able to play with the art and become one with the works. At Art Basel Miami Beach, for example, collectors found their bearings in a tangible and reassuring curation, far from the 2021 edition centered around NFT and the metaverse.

Guillaume Bijl, Casino, Art Basel Miami Beach
Guillaume Bijl, Casino (1984) by Meredith Rosen Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach © Meredith Rosen Gallery

2. Parity: a necessity

This is not just a trend, but the aftermath of a revolution in the art world. Indeed, equality among collectors is no longer an option. Several reports show that the share of women collecting art has grown rapidly in recent years. This change is taking place thanks to the growing presence of women at the head of major art galleries and auction houses. Thus, women artists are increasingly represented in museums, fairs, galleries, and even the media. Sales of works by women artists are also on the rise, especially for ultra-contemporary art. Be a part of this movement by investing in young emerging artists!

Anna Levesh, City Rumors #10 - City Rumors Series, 2020, available on Artsper
art trends
Anna Levesh, City Rumors #10 – City Rumors Series, 2020, available on Artsper

3. Artificial Intelligence: a booming niche sector

In 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) made some noise in the art world. Different ways of using AI already exist, such as prompt art that generates images through text. This last one actually made its mark on social networks in 2022 – a trend that won’t stop in 2023! But what about AI in the art market? In August 2022, Space Opera Theater by Jason Allen, an artwork created by artificial intelligence, made a lot of waves by winning the 1st prize in the “digital art” category of the Colorado Art Competition. Controversy or not, expect to hear about AI in art in 2023.

Jason Allen, Space Opera Theater, 2022 © Jason Allen, artistic trends
Jason Allen, Space Opera Theater, 2022 © Jason Allen

4. Political works: art at the service of society

Finally, you will find more and more artworks dealing with socio-political issues in your favorite galleries. Collectors are looking for works that are engaged, denouncing inequalities, injustices, or highlighting underrepresented narratives. For artists and art lovers alike, finding one’s place and asserting one’s identity in art is an important element. And this phenomenon will continue to shape trends in 2023! We are already seeing this phenomenon in major auctions. In May 2022, the landmark sale of Ernie Barnes’ The Sugar Shack is a testament to the interest in works by Black artists and contemporary explorations of the notion of identity.

Yagazie Emezi, When Did A Piece Fall Off #3, 2016
Yagazie Emezi, When Did A Piece Fall Off #3, 2016, available on Artsper

What you need to know about NFTs in 2023

Although cryptocurrencies are currently in decline, NFTs are far from gone. In fact, the trend is towards the widespread use of tokens, especially in the field of art. In 2023, you will find in some museums kiosks to buy virtual art, like in the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. Many NFT-centered events are also planned. In your calendar, consider adding the NFT Paris conference in February, or the Metaculture Congress at the Institut du Monde Arabe, also in Paris, where more than 100 artists will exhibit their NFT works.

In addition, virtual art continues to be popular and is becoming more and more important at auction. According to the Artprice report published in 2022, more than 88% of the major auction houses have created an NFT department. Contrary to popular belief, it is not too late to take an interest in the NFT market which could, according to a report by Great View Research, represent more than $200 billion by 2030.

Blake Kathryn, Up & Outward, NFT, artistic trends
Blake Kathryn, Up & Outward, 2020 © Blake Kathryn

The artistic trends of the 2023 market to remember…

Authenticity is the key word in 2023. The public as well as the professionals of the art world call for a return to the roots. Palpable works, unfiltered artists from all horizons, stories that make people think and move forward… This is what will carry the contemporary creation this year. Despite this, the technological developments are not set aside. New tools such as AI or the accessibility of NFTs are transforming the way we create and consume art every day. This year, art will surprise you, especially thanks to new media. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a budding one, these art trends are worth keeping an eye on to guide your future acquisitions… Which artistic trend will mark your year?

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