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9 Must-See Places in Brussels
Artstyle 06 Jun 2018

9 Must-See Places in Brussels

L'Atrium, Bruxelles
L’Atrium, Bruxelles

Do you want to discover a booming artistic scene? How about a short trip to Brussels? Artsper has compiled a list of the 10 unmissable places for you, sometimes unusual ones, walk around the city and gaze upon contemporary art in all its forms.

For a few years now, Brussels has been a true crossroad for contemporary art, at the heart of Europe, the capital possesses everything to seduce contemporary art lovers: quality artists, impressionist spaces, an international public and several avant-garde art collectors. A wide choice of public venues: art centers, museums, galleries and private collections open their doors to the public. Art takes over streets and walls of the city. An artistic immersion at the heart of Brussels, the beautiful one!

1. Le MIMA (Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art)

Contemporary Art Brussels

MIMA, opened its doors in March 2016 in downtown Brussels. It offers the public to look over the history of 2.0 culture. This arose during the Internet era, the culture broke all the traditional codes of contemporary art, in order to explore a new universe and establish a new relationship with the public. Coming soon: “Get up, Stand up” about protestation posters du 9 mai 2018 au 30 septembre 2018.

Address: 39-41, Quai du Hainaut – 1080 Brussels

2. La Patinoire Royale

Contemporary Art Brussels
La Patinoire Royale

In an old skating rink called “La Patinoire Royale” by the inhabitants of Brussels, a French couple of business owners opened a museum where….everything is for sale! A new and ambitious concept, where one can see current famous artists for free. Program summary: “OBNOXIOUSLY HAPPY” by :mentalKLINIK.

Address: 15 Rue Veydt -1060, Saint-Gilles, Brussels

3. WIELS / Contemporary art center

Art Contemporary Brussels

Created in old Wielemans-Coppens bars, the contemporary art center offers a program focused on visual arts. The centre exhibits several debates and dialogues which enliven the world of art today, through a series of temporary exhibitions. Program summary: Hana Miletic : dependencies du 

Address: 354, Rue Van Volxem- 1190 Brussels (Forest)

4. Vanhaerents Art Collection

Contemporary Art Collection
Vanhaerents Art Collection

Like great art collectors, the Belgians have decided to share their passion and open their collection to the public. The spaces are sometimes just impressive, and the works are worthy of major museums! This is the case for Vanhaerents Art, which gives us a glimpse of the artistic trends, from the 70’s till today. Young creators, promising artists and creators with established values rub shoulders. One can gaze upon: Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Allan McCollum, Bruce Nauman, Jeff Koons, Christian Boltanski or even Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami and Chiho Aoshima.

Address:29, Rue Anneessens-1000 Brussels

5. Centrale for contemporary art

Contemporary Art Brussels
Centrale for contemporary art

The link between art and society is given top billing, in this contemporary art center. Culture is within reach for everyone, and makes you get rid of the elitist reputation of contemporary art, an important principle for this art center. Coming soon: “D’un Banket à l’autre du 27.06.2018 au 22.08.2018.

Address:44 Place Sainte-Catherine-1000 Brussels

6. Le Cab / Contemporary Art Brussels

Contemporary Art Brussels
Le Cab / Contemporary Art Brussels

Launched in 2012 by a Belgian art collector, this contemporary art center is neither an institution nor a gallery but has the aim to highlight the emerging artistic scene. The Art Deco building of 8000 meter square, welcomes conferences, exhibitions and concerts. Several international and emerging artists of the contemporary artistic scene, are put under the spotlight here.

Address: 32-34 Rue Borrens -1050 Brussels

7. BOZAR / Palais des beaux-arts of Bruxelles

Contemporary Art Brussels

Inside the Art Deco Palace, signed Horta, BOZAR presents about twenty thematic or individual exhibitions per year, by alternating between ancient art and contemporary art.

Address: 23, Rue Ravenstein  – 1000 Brussels

8. ING Art Center

Contemporary Art Brussels
ING Art Center

Since more than forty years, the ING bank has been organizing exhibitions in its buildings in Brussels.todays it presents an exhibition called Revolutions: Record & Rebels 1966-1970″, du 24.10.2018 – 10.03.2019.

Address: 6, Place Royale -1000 Brussels

9. La Verrière /  HERMÈS foundation

Contemporary Art Brussels
La Verrière /  HERMÈS foundation

The Verrière-Hermès is part of the international network of galleries of the Hermes foundation. It produces and promotes four contemporary art exhibition per year, coupled with designer presentations. Don’t miss the show which opposes the world of artists, Douglas Eynon and Erwan Mahéo. A global installation, the exhibition is presented like a metaphor, on the fate of Brussels, under the auspices of a mysterious enterprise…

Address: 50, Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels