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A weekend in...Brussels
Artstyle 02 Aug 2014

A weekend in...Brussels

This is a city where life is good. As a cosmopolitan hub, Brussels is full of its residents, business people and Flemish culture. Here are some ideas not to miss out on.

Magritte Museum

A real favourite, the Magritte Museum is unparalleled. The painter, a member of the Brussels surrealist group, spent the greater part of his life in Belgium. The museum brings together over 200 works: paintings, sculptures, oils on canvas, vintage photographs, films, advertisement posters… Don’t miss this one of a kind collection!


La Mer du Nord (The North Sea; Noordzee)

Now here’s an address where pleasant encounters happen! At first sight a simple fishmonger’s, the Mer du Nord is far more than that. Over a glass of white wine, prawn croquettes, scampi or grilled tuna, conversations flow. The unanimous opinion is that this fish bar is a place to visit without a second thought. Although be forewarned that there is no seating – everything is done standing on one’s feet, which is what makes the place’s charm!


The Main Square

Unmissable, this square is surrounded by guildhalls, each more magnificent than the last. They are accompanied by the City Hall, the King’s House, which houses the Brussels City Museum and, a little further down, the famous Manneken-Pis. Keep your eyes open, the cherub is not very big!


Thrift Stores

Brussels is bursting with second hand shops. To name but one, check out PrettyBox, a renowned location that collects vintage bags, shoes, accessories, coats and clothing of all kinds.


The Flea Market

Every morning since 1873 (!) from 6:00 until 14:00 the Brussels flea market takes place on the Place du Jeu de Balle. If you like to rummage around among antiques looking for a treasure, this market is made for you. You will make all sorts of discoveries that you can have fun haggling over with the market vendors.


Real Chips

You must of course try the real chips of the North. Two places: the Maison Antoine, Place Jourdan, and Martin, Place Saint Josse. Cooked in beef fat, their taste has nothing in common with the chips you’re used to. Bon appétit!


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