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These artists had a sense of style...
Get inspired 22 Sep 2017

These artists had a sense of style...

Many myths surround the artist, the mysterious entity with a wandering spirit. Bohemian artist, cursed artist, neurotic artist… an artist has trouble getting rid of these preconceptions that stick to them. However, an artist is much more than that! Among many other things, he can sometimes be a real fashionista! Artsper introduces you to your favorite artists from a different angle… one of style and fashion! 



Jean-Michel Basquiat was a real fashion icon! He was a huge fan of Comme des Garçons and was one of their models in 1987. An admirer of the underground style established by the fashion designer Issey Miyake, the artist, known for his figurative paintings, is also known for his nonchalant and slightly rebellious clothing. Between leather jackets, oversized shirts and slightly loose fitting suits, Basquiat was basically a real dandy! 



Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton shop window display with Tentacles, 2012/2015 Photo: Vegard Kleven

Often associated with motifs from her psychedelic art and visuals, the dresses of Yayoi Kusama stand out from the crowd! Bright colors, straight cuts, patterns with large or small dots… the Japanese artist knows how to catch your attention! Her hair is also very colorful. Intensely bright red and cut with masterful precision, it is also a trademark of the artist.



Can you visualize the piece The Son of Man by René Magritte? The person in this painting is wearing a bowler hat, a long black coat and a red tie. In other words… This is the real attire of the painter! This same outfit is present in many of Magritte’s paintings. Is he painting himself? Perhaps. Magritte’s surrealist paintings are so mysterious that one can easily get carried away thinking about them!



A true product of the 80s, Keith Haring and his art need no introduction. But what about his style? The characters and motifs that he draws permeate the walls of cities, subways, warehouses, skateboards… but also the clothes that he wears. The style he adopts is a reflection of the time during which he lived: high-top sneakers, slightly faded jeans, and like his friend Basquiat, a leather jacket! Haring was also never seen wandering around without one particular iconic accessory: a pair of round glasses.



David Hockney par Robert Mapplethorpe, 1976

A legend in the history of art, David Hockney has also undeniably left his mark on the world of fashion! With his offbeat style, although sometimes a bit clichéd, the artist has inspired and continues to inspire the greatest creators. In fact he himself said: appropriate a style as you see fit. Like a thieving magpie, steal what you like so that your style is never rigid… that’s the trap.” Between the confused motifs of rounded glasses, a Prince of Wales Jacket, a bow tie, Hockney has a style in the image of his art: unforgettable.



Felt… Joseph Beuy‘s favorite material! His art as well as his style are full of this material. Moreover it is intimately linked to the personal experience of the artist, who, after a plane crash in Crimea survived the cold by wrapping his body in felt. After this, the artist would never leave this material behind, even for his everyday outfit composed of a hat and a suit.



If Louise Nevelson is known in the art world for her sculptures which are at the same time monumental, massive and poetic, she is also known in the world of fashion for her outfits! Always well-kept, the Ukrainian artist is particularly recognizable by her turbans and her (slightly) oversized embroidered coats.



The surrealist artist Salvador Dali has been surrounded by art and fashion all his life. He had numerous encounters with some of the greatest designers, such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. He also participated with the latter in the creation of hats, including the famous Chapeau-Soulier (1936). In 1945, he also worked in collaboration with Christian Dior. With regard to his own style, the painter used to almost stage himself. Eccentric moustaches, velvet jackets, patterned vests… everywhere he went, Dali stood out.


Eva & Adele

© Larry Weidel 

Do you know Eva and Adele, the “hermaphrodite twins”? These two Berlin dwellers are true living works of art! Whilst trying to fight for a gender-neutral world, where prejudices would be abolished, the two women rely heavily on their outfits to make their voices heard. Frills, bright colors, shaved heads, bold make-up, crazy materials, and kitsch motifs… If you come across them at an art opening, you can’t miss them!

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