Art Basel

Our 10 Favourite Artists at Art Basel

Art Basel is one of the most prestigious art fairs in the world, and every year it celebrates artists from the international art world. Collectors, gallerists, cultural institutions and art aficionados, attend the event to discover both emerging and established artists in modern and contemporary art. However, if you can’t get over to Basel from the 13th to the 16th June 2019, fear not, as we’ve brought you our 10 favourite artists exhibiting at Art Basel 2019. Continue reading Our 10 Favourite Artists at Art Basel

The Art Market: 2016 Sales Record

1 million, 10 millions….60 ? How much can a work of art cost? Many people agree that art does not know crisis, unlike other markets or business, which are naturally linked to the social and economic circumstances. Nevertheless, the fervor and euphoria of 2015 is over and this year prices went down. Claude Monet’s piece Meule ranks  first place in the 2016 sales record, his … Continue reading The Art Market: 2016 Sales Record