Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe

25 Contemporary Artworks You Need to See

Contemporary Art is generally classified as artworks made during or after 1945, so from just after the Second World War right up to modern day. Within this period there is a huge range in styles, genres, and approaches, and it can be hard to know where to start. Artsper has brought together 25 examples of contemporary artwork that we think are most important to know about – from the most famous pieces to the lesser known, rising talents. Continue reading 25 Contemporary Artworks You Need to See

Where to find Street Art in London

On the walls of shopping centres, on bridges, and even on the shutters covering the shop fronts overnight, the London Street Art scene is as wide ranging as it is diverse. You can find memorials, portraits, tags, and what appears to be simple graffiti, but which harbours a deeper political message. Urban art has become an integral part of London’s character. Artsper has brought together the best places in London to see Street Art, from hidden back streets to vibrant, sprawling neighbourhoods. Continue reading Where to find Street Art in London

Our Top 6 Christmas Artworks

When we think of Christmas, we think about mulled wine, flickering pine trees, foam deers and so many other kitsch items! Contemporary art does not seem to find its natural place in the middle of this mainstream holiday. To go against this preconceived idea, Artsper has made a top 6 of the best Christmas artworks for you! {1. JOHN BALDESSARI} Christmas (with Double Boy on Crutches), … Continue reading Our Top 6 Christmas Artworks