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Interview with Christophe Lambert
Artstyle 06 Dec 2012

Interview with Christophe Lambert

Awarded with a César of the best actor in 1986 in the movie Subway, directed by Luc Besson, and hero of the blockbuster Highlander at the same time, Christophe Lambert built himself up a complete and elusive filmography. In 2012, we got the pleasure to see him again in the great Anne Fassio movie “Ma bonne étoile”. Also a writer (“La fille porte-bonheur”), Christophe Lambert is a contemporary art passionate. He talked to Artsper about his favourites. A big thank-you to him!

Artsper: The exhibition which touched you the most in 2012?
The Dali exhibition at the Centre Pompidou where I went recently. He is an atypical artist. He did not invented the surrealistic movement but he had had a very personal approach of it. I really like his extreme extravagance.

Artsper: According to you, going to an exhibition is going there alone? In family? With friends?
With Sophie (i.e. his partner). We both love paintings, sometimes we bring the children with us to some exhibitions or galleries. They are pretty sensitive to art, even though their personal activities come at first.

Artsper: What is the work of art you would dream to possess?
“Les Iris” of Van Gogh, I love flowers. In another style: “le Cri” of Munch, not for the notoriety or the value of the work, but because this painting speaks a lot. This distressful scream in the middle of extremely positive colors fascinates me.

Artsper: An artistic appointment you always try not to miss?
The fairs in general. The Paris FIAC, the London Frieze…For the ambiance, for the opportunity to discover new artists, experienced or not, but also the opportunity to follow the evolution of some artists that I like, throughout these fairs.

Artsper: Among all categories of works, who is the artist you would like to invite for dinner?
Unfortunately he’s dead: Picasso. I believe that he is the most complete artist who has ever existed. He went through cubism, the blue period and even the Goya’s inspiration. He is a complete and prolific artist. He must have been fascinating.

Artsper: An artistic discovery which you are particularly proud of?
Enoc Perez, from Porto Rico and who lives today in new york, for his sense of colors. He paints some buildings or Bacardi bottles which he says are self-portraits. I think that a great artist is someone who makes painting alive, who makes the still life go out. Enoc Perez reaches this art. A friend of mine also made me discover a “street artist”: JonOne. He has an incredible communicative energy, his color drafts are exceptional. He succeeded in going from street art graffiti to real painting.

Artsper: Have you ever encountered a frustrating experience or an unease facing contemporary art?
No (there is no frustration when we love). As soon as the artist speaks, there is no frustration. The perception is personal, we see the things we want to see.

Artsper: Actor and today writer (“La fille porte bonheur”), do you also have other artistic talents like painting or photo?
Not at all. I would like, or I could if I work, to play the piano.

Artsper: Your favorite movie?
“Once upon a time in the West”

Artsper: Your favorite book?
“Flowers for Algernon”, Daniel Keyes

Artsper: Question without any justification: NY or Paris?
It’s hard to choose but I would say NY because this is the most complete city in the art world. We can always discover new things instead of just retrospectives or exhibitions of already known artists.

Artsper: What do you think about the Artsper project?
I think that the idea of using the Internet to make new and old artists accessible/visible is very good. I believe that bringing people to the consciousness of a certain kind of beauty and expression is very important.

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