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Paris Underground, alternative addresses where you can see art
Artstyle 19 Jul 2017

Paris Underground, alternative addresses where you can see art

La Générale
La Générale by Claude Braechtol

Places in Paris and in the Parisian area are more and more frequently inundated by young groups and artists and transformed into cultural or artistic spaces. An old factory, an abandoned hospital, a farm. From historic sites to renewed venues, Artsper has created a list of 10 alternative spots where you can see art.

1. La Colonie

Paris ZigZag
La Colonie par Paris ZigZag

Kader Attia, winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2016, is the instigator of this new venue of  “savoir vivre” and “faire savoir”, located in the 10th district. A bar and a restaurant contribute to make this place the perfect spot for meetings in an open environment where conferences, music, visual art and other expressions encounter…having as backdrop, the idea of “Fighting against the rise of fascism and obscurantism”.

Adress : La Colonie, 128 Rue la Fayette, 75010 Paris

2. Le Wonder/Liebert

Le Wonder
Le Wonder

Located before in Saint Ouen, Le Wonder moved to a squat in Bagnolet. This group of artists opened this space of creation and diffusion, with the strong intention of making art accessible to artists and to the general public. The first event “Dirty Pepax” recently took place and had great success, between an spirit of artists squats and “underground” art.

Adress : Le Wonder, 124 Avenue Gallieni, 93170 Bagnolet

3. T2 espace collectif de création

View of the exhibition Open by Louis Granet

Under the leadership of the BLBC group, T2 was born in 2013, in the 11th district. Anti-conventional, this hybrid space has a canteen and a place for creation dedicated to collective experimentation and to the promotion of emerging French creation. T2 deliberately turns away from the classical codes and integrates social issues, T2 focuses deliberately in new ambitions where nothing is really divided or stopped, just like the ideas of the artists that integrate the group.

Adress : T2 espace collectif de création, 24 Rue du Marché Popincourt, 75011 Paris

4. La Générale

La Générale
La Générale par Claude Baechtold

La Générale located in the 11th district, is an artistic, political and social cooperative, which offers a wide range of trends of comics, jazz, philo…other eclectic events punctuate the year and the agenda of amateurs of philo and the 7th art…La Generale opens its doors to theater and dance companies, militant association, cooks and neighbors…”Because there are still places to invent and reinvent” assures La Generale.

Adress : La Générale, 14 Avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris

5. DOC

Vue de l’exposition DOC at DOC, Paris, 2015 par DOC

An association, around 60 artists are installed in this old technical high school in the 19th district. Its 3000 square meters comprise today 24 workshops, 2 spaces of temporary residence, 5 shared technical centers (wood, metal, serigraphy, theater, video post-production). With an eye on the future and a foot on the present, the association wants to add new technical workshops (forge, ceramics), a shared library, and residencies for international artists. Hybridization and uniqueness characterized the program of this avant-garde venue. As we can see, in this place, nothing is fixed…

Adress : DOC, 26 Rue du Dr Potain, 75019 Paris

6. Le 6B

Le 6B, par BETC Pop

6B, with more than 7000 square meters of space, in Saint-Denis, this place is located besides a cultural center, it is dedicated to creation and diffusion, aiming to engage in a collective approach while considering each one of the projects of its 161 residents. Since 2010, architects, musicians, graphic designers… as well as social workers are all co-actors of this community life. Having a great program, a cultic summer festival “La Fabrique à Reves”, electro concerts “OYE Festival”…contribute to the dazzling rise of 6B.

Adress : Le 6B, 6-10 Quai de Seine, 93200 Saint-Denis

7. Les Grands Voisins

Les Grands Voisins by Street Press

An incentive to create art as well as to live a life out of the ordinary …it’s the proposal of « Le Grands Voisins » who, with the purpose of renewing abandoned places has taken possession of the old Hospital Saint-Vicent Paul (XIVth). Humanity and solidarity are not ordinary words in this place, which follows the steps of St. Vincent de Paul and his actions to fight against social and material misery.
An artists residency as well, “Les Grands Voisins” welcomes people in need, they have their doors open to associations and to the general public. Regular appointments are part of the cultural season; concerts, cinema… working spaces, educational and cultural activities (among others) which contribute to the vitality of a place that it’s open to everybody, open to the city and inciting social mixture.

Adress : Les Grands Voisins, 82 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris

8. La Ferme du Buisson

La ferme du buisson
La Ferme du Buisson

A model farm, a place of technological and agricultural innovation since the end of the 19th century, La Ferme du Buisson, located in Noisiel, has become today one of the major places of creation with a sophisticated program. For the 40th anniversary of the Center Pompidou, the venue is holding an exhibition called “SoixanteDixSept” about the last film of Roberto Rossellini which is dedicated to the museum.

Adress :  La Ferme du Buisson, Allée de la Ferme, 77186 Noisiel

9. Mains d’œuvres

Mains d'oeuvres
Mains d’oeuvres

In 2001, Mains d’œuvres, moved to the old social and sportive center of Usines Valeo, a 4000 square meters building on the outskirts of the Saint-Ouen flea market. Today the exhibition “Old Dream” gathers the work of famous figures ; Claude Closky, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Julien Previeux…”Old Dream” is a probably the best definition for Mains D’Oeuvres: an old dream, that of living good together.

Adress : Mains d’oeuvres, 1 Rue Charles Garnier, 93400 Saint-Ouen

10. La Ferme du Bonheur

La Ferme du bonheur
La Ferme du Bonheur par Cyrille Weiner

In Nanterre, in the middle of the faculty and very near the HLM bars, stands “ La Ferme du Bonheur” a cultural place of bucolic accents where “Happiness is in the Meadow”, the happiness of creating a combination of theatre, concerts and other expressions as well as exploitation of the land. The microphone can be exchanged for a shovel, as proven by its 30 residents; under the eye of expert Roger Des Pres, instigator of this out of the ordinary concept, where sheep walk in the middle of the faculty. The message is understood, here, people might not feel taken seriously in this place but they sure create seriously innovative projects !

Adress : La Ferme du Bonheur, 220 Avenue de la République, 92000 Nanterre

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