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Art Paris 2022: Our Key Insights
Artstyle 08 Apr 2022

Art Paris 2022: Our Key Insights

Back in its usual springtime slot, the Art Paris fair opened from April 7 to 10, 2022. During these four days, 130 high-flying galleries and thousands of contemporary art lovers and collectors met at the Grand Palais Éphémère. After a record edition during the pandemic (a risky but successful bet), Art Paris 2022 kept its promises again this year. On the agenda? Handpicked artists, and a program especially focused on nature and the environment, with two very specific curation themes: “Art and Environment”, and “Natural Stories”. An artistic theme perfectly in line with Artsper’s spring campaign Back To Nature, which highlights the links between art and the environment. So, to share with you the unique proposal of Art Paris 2022, the Artsper team went on site and collected for you its most beautiful discoveries!

Art Paris 2022: Wagner gallery and 193 Gallery
The monochromatic white booth of Wagner gallery (left) and 193 Gallery‘s solo show dedicated to Alia Ali (right)

1. Art committed to the environment

Art Paris 2022: Art and the environment
From left to right: Elsa Guillaume at Backslash gallery, Gavin Turk at Maruani Mercier gallery, and Romain Vayson de Pradenne at Rabouan Moussion gallery

Art Paris 2022 takes place under the sign of climate awareness. At the Backslash gallery, visitors were plunged into a zany and graphic marine universe… With, on the floor, a tuna cut into several pieces – a ceramic feat by the young artist Elsa Guillaume. At Maruani Mercier, viewers could appreciate a satire of the famous banana of Maurizio Cattelan. Outdated, it bears the sticker “Rainforest Certified” which guarantees an eco-responsible origin. This banana by Gavin Turk highlights the heavy burden that really lies behind the fruit… Finally, at the Rabouan Moussion gallery, a simple but impactful message signed Romain Vayson de Pradenne: “We might have a planet B for some of you”. Something to re-evaluate its role in the efforts against the climate crisis…

2. Honoring textile art

Textile art: Sheila Hicks and Joana Vasconcelos
Sheila Hicks at Claude Bernard gallery (left), and Joana Vasconcelos at Gowen Contemporary gallery (right)

With a focus on nature, also comes a focus on natural materials. And while the history of textiles in art is far more complex than that, its rich visual effect is indisputable. The Art Paris 2022 edition was full of beautiful textile works, but some particularly caught the attention of visitors. Especially at the Claude Bernard Gallery, whose walls were lined with textile works by artist Sheila Hicks. The star piece, however, was a large, shimmering structure of linen and cotton that soundproofed the surrounding space. Also on display at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery was the embroidered work of South African artist Kimathi Mafafo. And the highlight of the show? Joana Vasconcelos’ structure at Gowen Contemporary, which attracted a lot of interest from collectors.

3. Art Paris 2022: Nature as art

Art Paris 2022 : Nature and art
Tony Martelli at Maruani Mercier gallery (left), and Julien Colombier at Le Feuvre & Roze gallery (right)

If some works conveyed a resolutely committed message for the environment, others honored nature in a more poetic way. At Maruani Mercier, bronze plants of a stunning realism grew as if by magic from a corner of the wall, or floating upside down. At Le Feuvre & Roze, Julien Colombier‘s solo show offered visitors the sight of a true jungle. A celebration of the botanical world through a hypnotic use of color!

4. Poetic robotics

Art Paris 2022 : Robotics and AI
Pe Lang at Denise René gallery (left), Leonel Moura / Michel Paysant (Eco robotic studio) at the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation (right)

The Art Paris fair wouldn’t be a must-see contemporary art event without futuristic-looking works. And even under a nature-minded theme, the selections allowed talented artists to present their work around cutting-edge technologies. We think in particular of Pe Lang’s work, indefinitely weaving a piece of tulle (note, textile!). But also, and above all, the little robot-artists by Leonel Moura and Michel Paysant. The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation’s booth, which presented them, was covered with works produced by these machines. They truly push the limits of the definition of what it is to be an artist!

Art Paris 2022: A successful edition…

Year after year, the Parisian fair has become increasingly established as a key event in the art market. This trend is exacerbated by the growing importance of the French capital in the global culture market. Between nature and environment, textiles and robotics, Art Paris 2022 had a lot to offer. You don’t have the chance to go there in person? Don’t worry: you can take advantage of the high quality online selection curated by the experts at Artsper, during and after the fair!

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