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Swab Barcelona: Diversity
Artstyle 23 Sep 2016

Swab Barcelona: Diversity


“Break with the elitist and hermetic idea that governs the contemporary art scene,

to make it more accessible to the greater public.”

Be a Swabber !

Four days in Barcelona. SWAB. Dynamic and panoramic, the ninth run of the Barcelonian contemporary art salon has grown since 2006 and offers, each year, a new outlook of the contemporary artistic scene. Discovery. Swab on paper, focus Magreb, performance, in/out, solo or seed, My FAF, various programs and awardind prizes that allow Swabbers to not only visit one exhibition, but to fully live it. Expose, debate and exchange, reflect, feel and bubble up in contact of all this artists stimulation. SWAB Barcelona allows all those that are bursting with ideas to express themselves.

Amateurs like collectors, emerging or renowned artists, confidential or famed galleries, Swabism rings as an antonym to snobism, in which eclectism arouses curiosity.

The contemporary art salon SWAB Barcelona is organized by the Diezy7 Contemporary Art Space collection. It gathers each year and has for the past 8 years 60 galleries hailing from 5 different continents that over 18,000 contemporary art passionates come to visit.

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Have a feel of the SWAB spirit through a look into 1 gallery, 1 artist and 1 performance :


Di+1A – Saturacion 22

Founded in 1991, Galeria Trama has always had the mission to promote contemporary art bringing together nonetheless different movements and ideas. It is part of the Contemporary Art Gallery Association ART BARCELONA and offers a selection of artworks of consolidated artists at an international level as well as that of young artists from the local scene. It has de facto a consolidated position in the art world and has quite a few remarkable pieces in store for this year’s SWAB…



Tectonic Space, 1. , 2015

Using varied techniques – here vinyl and silver pen on paper – the Argentine artist Ruth Moran takes us into a cold and somewhat frightenning universe. Her cosmis artworks read as an invitation to space travel. Represented by Sicart gallery located in Barcelona, she is one of the 9 artists that currently exhibit in Barcelona and were selected to give the public a perspective of local contemporary artistic creation.



Hommage à André Cadere, 2014

The Danish but adoptive Philippine (she grew up in Manila) artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen uses video and performance to express her message with a touch of humor. She deals with the themes of identity, culture, religion, genre and above all, socio-cultural relations inspiring herself from her own multicultural experience. Her performances are truly cross-disciplinary as they include scripted text, musical compositions as well as intricate costumes and sets. This year, she will be invited, with 3 other artists, to discuss the fundamental questions concerning the contemporary social context, that is the various consequences of imposed boundaries, and the limites of the role of art and culture in the recuperation of human values…

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