Johnessco Rodriguez, Director of Art Monaco & Art Ibiza

After years of experience in sales strategy, marketing and event planning, Johnessco Rodriguez dedicated himself to the art market, and specialized in launching and directing artfairs. After the success of Expoart in Montréal started in 2005, he crossed the Atlantic to set up new fairs in Monaco and Ibiza. This year being the 6th edition of the event, Artsper wanted to learn more about this fair mania on the occasion:

{Artsper}: What inspired you to create Art Monaco and why did you make it a yearly event after what was supposed to be a single edition in 2010?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: Art Monaco was a special edition in 2010 but after the great acceptance and feedback we received, we considered it was worthy to create a yearly show which today has recently celebrated its 6th edition.

{Artsper}: Why choose Monaco: aside from a tax haven, is it a dynamic environment for the arts?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: Monaco was selected simply for the beauty, elegance and exclusivity it represents. An art show goes beyond being only an exhibition inside 4 walls. It is the perfect excuse to create meetings and network with old or new clients. Monaco gathers the perfect conditions for someone who wants to discreetly conduct important business transactions, and the wonderful part is that we can do that with flair.

{Artsper}: You decided to open your fair to design as well as jewelry, why?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: Our show is not necessarily dedicated to design or jewelry. We work with design houses that use the show as a show room and help us dress the event beautifully. As per design goes, we just admit jewelry when it is made and presented as a piece of art. Unique pieces, etc…

{Artsper}: Is there a precise art fair that served as an example for you to launch Art Monaco?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: There are no one or two or three… there are many. However, Art Monaco enable connections between galleries and independent emerging artists. I know in the Art Industry many shows have a “GALLERIES only” policy but to be honest, EVERY show has SOLO sections which is the fancy way to say emerging artists, we do the same, but more openly, since we believe that without the artists, the industry will simply not exist.

{Artsper}: What is the audience for Art Monaco: high-end collectors or inexperienced art lovers?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: Inexperienced is a strong word I believe. Art Monaco certainly presents high-end collectors and we attract many wealthy known individuals. Of course, there are also many art lovers looking to learn more about the different art investments and the understanding of benefits and pleasures.

{Artsper}: Are you a collector yourself? What are your favorite art genres and artists?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: Yes, indeed I am. Once I bought a lovely painting to support a local artist, and after I put the first piece on my living room, suddenly the rest of my walls looked empty and a pleasant need to fill the empty spaces pushed me to start collecting more and more. Today I own around 350 artworks. My collection is very diverse; it’s also a good investment. Regardless, I like and enjoy all artworks. Contemporary photography, surrealism and abstract art remain in the top of my list.

{Artsper}: Contemporary art fairs as well as online platforms are both a part of the globalization of the art world, what do you think about it? And what is your opinion on Artsper?
{Johnessco Rodriguez}: Without a doubt, times have changed and we live now in a very speedy and practical world where digital platforms such as Artsper allow the public to connect faster and make purchasing decisions within the comfort of their own house or office.
Digital platforms help us to enlarge horizons and we are certainly more conscious of new discoveries at the same time as we monitor fair price/worth comparison with more confidence. Art still remains the best form of expression and is the best way to promote cultural exchanges. It is a privilege for us to be part of it and it is also our responsibility to help promote it.