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An Art-Lover's Top 5 Destinations for Summer Travel
Artstyle 16 Jun 2021

An Art-Lover's Top 5 Destinations for Summer Travel

slim aarons beach club
Slim Aarons, Monte Carlo Beach Club, 2020, available on Artsper

You’ve waited all year to start thinking of summer travel again and the time is finally here. To help you plan your first trip, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 summer travel destinations for art-lovers. Whether you want to hang poolside à la Slim Aarons, or cool off in a museum while staring at your favorite Pissarro, Artsper’s got you covered. Keep reading for our fave arty vacations!

1. Miami, Florida, USA

miami umbrellas
Bernhard Lang, Miami_II_003, 2015, available on Artsper

Known for its street art, nightlife and beaches, Miami is the perfect summer travel destination for art-lovers. Stroll the streets to see street art pieces by major artists, like JonOne, or enjoy cooler air in major museums like the Pérez Art Museum Miami. More than just its stunning beaches, the city is also known for its stunning pastel Art Deco architecture, making it the perfect place to get inspired before updating your summer interior.

2. Côte d’Azur, France

french summer travel
Hugues Claude Pissarro, Terrasse à Menton, 2015, available on Artsper

A stretch of coast that has long inspired Impressionists and Fauvists, it’s hard to not see the beauty in the French Riviera. Drive from Menton to Marseille, enjoying star-studded towns like Cannes in between. Check out the Musée Matisse in Nice, the Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton and the Musée Renoir in Cagnes-sur-Mer. And if you’re more interested in feeling like a celebrity and soaking up the sun? Check out Cannes and Saint Tropez. No matter your arty interests, the Côte d’Azur is the perfect place to visit.

3. Berlin, Germany

Evgenia Pestova, Berlin Marienburger Str., 2019, available on Artsper

There’s nowhere quite like Berlin. The historic city has it all from punk, edgy street art at the reclaimed Berlin Wall to rococo interiors at the Schloss Charlottenburg. The ideal summer travel destination, you can stroll along the Landwehr Canal between arty spots to feel like a true Berliner. Finally, to fully take in the duality of the artistic city, enjoy a cold German beer while admiring the contrasting architecture of the Reichstag building.

4. Los Angeles, California, USA

Carrie Graber, Glass Slivers, 2019, available on Artsper

Stunning sunsets, palm trees and mid century modern architecture, Los Angeles has it all. The backdrop of countless star-studded photographs like those of Bert Stern and Slim Aarons, the city’s glamor is ever-present. To truly feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie, check out one of LA’s art museums, or hike to the Griffith Observatory, enjoying views of the unique architecture across the city.

5. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona summer travel
Josep Moscardó, Barcelona’s Moon, 2018, available on Artsper

Home of Surrealist icon Joan Miró and the site of Antoni Gaudí’s Basílica de la Sagrada Família, the city of Barcelona is bound to be an art-lover’s dream. Wander from the tiled architecture of Casa Batlló to the lush gardens of Parc del Laberint d’Horta, and enjoy a bite of paella in between. Be sure to consider Barcelona as a stop on your summer vacation. Get get inspired by the vibrant and exciting architecture that the city provides.

It’s time for a holiday.

While we love these arty spots year round, summer is really when they shine. Whether you’re more interested in strolling in the Impressionists’ footprints along the Mediterranean or sipping a cocktail while looking at Miami’s newest street art, Artsper’s guide has something for every art-lover. Not able to get away? Check out our best beaches in art history for a virtual vacation.

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