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10 Must-see Places in Lille
Artstyle 02 Mar 2017

10 Must-see Places in Lille

Honored as the European capital of culture in 2004, Lille rises to the top. To carry on this accession, “Lille 3000” an annual cultural program, offers a myriad of artistic events. Artsper sets sail to the capital of Hauts de France for a high-flying quick view.


beaux arts
©Gaetano Pesce

Brueghel, Rubens, Goya, Fernand Léger… jewels of such a kind, coexist at Palais des Beaux arts in Lille. It’s proud to be one of the greatest museums in France, through its top-notch collections. The place stands out as it federates classicism and contemporary features, the place is also aesthetically pleasing.
Olfactory visits, sound exhibitions, flat screens testify (among other things) a particularly innovative momentum. A charismatic exhibition “zest of life” or « Joie de vivre », as the name points out, has cheered up quite a few zygomatics. Palais des Beaux Art carries on its euphoric action today with Alain Passard, a starred chef, who will be pitching in, 8th April onwards.

Adress : 18 Bis Rue de Valmy, 59000 Lille

2. LaM 


Enshrouded in a natural setting where sculptures of Calder, Picasso and other major references invite you to lounge about… LAM (Modern Art, contemporary and raw art museum) holds one of the most important raw art and key creations from great masters like Modigliani, Miró, Braque, Léger…It doesn’t only specialize in 20th century art, but actually this is the only museum in Europe to reveal two centuries. As for the 21st century, the place contains known and well-known artists of contemporary art: Alighiero Boetti, Christian Boltanski, Annette Messager, Daniel Buren…The architecture of the museum is itself a work of art, it looks as if it was chiseled in lace. Just like the name of one of its exhibitions “occupy the world poetically”, the museum is an invitation and spend a poetic moment.

Adress : 1 Allée du Musée, 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq

3. Tripostal

Jean-Michel Othoniel, vue de l’exposition Happy Birthday Galerie Perrotin ©Galerie Perrotin

Built after the second world war, to sort out mail,  Tripostal museum has put down roots as a preeminent place. It has held famous exhibitions like: the Pinault collection, Happy Birthday, Galerie Perrotin!

In 2013 and recently a focus on Seoul. It goes beyond the borders of exhibition, through festivals (including electronic music), audiovisual meetings or even animation festivals. No less than 2000m2 of exhibition, offer the possibilities of infinite variation. A state-of-the-art spot.

Adresse : Avenue Willy Brandt, 59000 Lille

4. Galery Cédric Bacqueville

Kuseni  –  Solo show-  Autum 2015 ©Galerie Cédric Bacqueville

Promote young artists, this is the policy of Cédric Bacqueville. Gifted with a sharp eye, the gallery owner cultivates flawless intuition to highlight the best aspects of contemporary art. A must-see showcase of the region of Hauts de France, the gallery is regularly present at Parisian fairs, especially Art Paris, and some of the artists are present in prestigious museums, like Gautier Deblond during the exhibition “Dans l’atelier” at petit palais during spring 2016. Special mention on the scenography combined with sincere work of exhibition curators, not to mention, a lot of institution exhibitions.

Adress : 32 Rue Thiers, 59000 Lille

5. La Maison de la Photographie

In Lille, photography has an address, Maison de la Photographie is the perfect spot to dedicate photo collections or photo exhibitions, which carry on one after the other and this fascinates photography lovers even more. Illustrious photography ambassadors have put a lot into the place, just like Julian Lennon (son of John Lennon) Charlotte Rampling or Peter Lindbergh who immortalized the twig but also the androgynous version of Gainsbourg….La Maison de la Photographie implements creativity beyond walls and abroad (Belgium, Poland). Its works and space are a perfect place for a stroll, guided by the footsteps of rapture.

Adress : 28 Rue Pierre Legrand, 59800 Lille

6. Maison Folie – Condition Publique Roubaix

Previously dedicated to industrial textile, the place has evolved into a place for artistic exhibition, performances, a breeding spot, offering a range of various events pertaining to cinema and music art…Between a place of expression and a creative laboratory, the place holds an important place in the cultural and social life of Hauts de France. Coming up is an exhibition called 40 years of street art followed by Waii Waii on the sudden strangeness of the being, a nod to Freud, at condition publique. Creation innovation and diffusion…the condition publique is surely the place to be.

Adress : 14 Place du Général Faidherbe, 59100 Roubaix

7. New Square Gallery

My first one is a passionate collector of contemporary art.
My second one is a close friend, heritage manager and has several collectors in his portfolio.
These make up an escapable address in Lille, founded by my “first” Emmanuel Provost and “my second” François Hacker.
New Square Gallery displays promising artistic dynamism through several exhibitions, devoted to painting, photography, sculpture, or even few installations or video… The two galleries invite national and international artists, but also value local and regional artists. The approach of masters is addressed to an informed public, like beginners, with the aim of expanding horizons for those who don’t necessarily push the doors of such a place but, who worship contemporary art. The tandem being, an open mind….in Hauts de France.

Adress : 40 rue Voltaire – 59000 Lille

8. La MAV – Maison de l’Architecture

 Exposition « Quand l’architecture efface l’handicap »,2015 ©La MAV

Under the prism of the company, La Maison de l’architecture deciphers and broadcasts architecture and urbanism through protean cultural exhibitions, workshops for children and adults, conferences, drinks, debates, cooking…mixing the useful with the pleasant, and rallying kids, amateurs or even specialists for that matter.
The place brings light on the space but also on our way of interacting with it. Issues which are inherent in our society, but have become invisible, are highlighted at MAC and they enlighten us. Currently an exhibition on “co-urbanism” has been trying to forge links between inhabitants and professionals of the city, through a utopian project, where the thirst of going towards a better future, has limits but only at the exit of the exhibition.

Adress : Place François Mitterrand, 59777 Lille

9. Galerie Quai 26

Dominique Coulon, ex photographer might have put away his camera, but he still has a professional eye on his favorite art, with the opening of Quai 26. This specialized library holds a number of rare and top notch works. The librarian-photographer offers the essentials in this genre, with books of Taschen editions. He focuses on the wonderful photo prints from various horizons.

Adress : 62 Rue d’Angleterre, 59000 Lille

10. Galerie Raison d’art

Patrick Fleurion, « Attitudes contemporaines » ©Galerie raison d’art

A few steps away from “Palais des Beaux Arts”, an inclination towards the aesthetic traces of its route. Abound with artists, styles but also visitors (from collectors to neophyte), Sophie Doutriaux opened the gallery in 2007, unrolling a palette of eclectic artists with unique characters. Without any restrictions (except for the quality), the walls (or outside) address art through various faces, painting, ceramics, drawings…A federating place where creativity rhymes with humanity. Elegance is the governing principle here, to accompany or highlight the sensitivity of every work.

Adress : 153 Bis Boulevard de la Liberté, 59000 Lille