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10 Ceramic Artists You Should Know
Artstyle 13 Dec 2021

10 Ceramic Artists You Should Know

ceramic artists : Katarina Judelova, Contre-attaque, souris, 2013
Katarina Judelova, Contre-attaque, souris, 2013

Both aesthetic and artistic, ceramic objects are among the oldest of the creative arts. But their traditional character does not prevent contemporary ceramic artists from innovating and surprising us. On the contrary, this medium allows conceptual artists to express themselves, in a way to connect the utilitarian to the creative. Through 10 inspiring contemporary ceramic artists, Artsper invites you to enter this world of opposing dynamics!

1. Maloles Antignac, ceramics as a return to feminine roots

Through an ecofeminist approach, Maloles Antignac highlights the beauty of the feminine and the almost sacred dimension of our biodiversity. As attractive as it is strange, her work seems to come straight out of Mother Nature’s womb. A journey to the heart of sensibility and an ecological reflection that tries to retain optimism. This is what each new work of Maloles Antignac offers us.

Maloles Antignac, Órganos emociones, 2019
Maloles Antignac, Órganos emociones, 2019, available on Artsper

2. Siup Studio, ceramic artists with a bold simplicity

Bringing together Marcin Sieczka, Martyna Dymek and Kasia Skoczylas, Siup Studio explores an instinctive approach to ceramics. The three photographers blend multiple influences, from Brutalism to the natural beauty of things. Both effective and daring, their creations are a breath of fresh air.

Ceramic artists : SiupStudio, pink ceramic lamp, 2021
SiupStudio, pink ceramic lamp, 2021

3. Li Lihong, an ingenious mix of art and modernity

Li Lihong is from Jingdezhen, China , where royal porcelain has been made for thousands of years. He learned the art of ceramics at an early age and dreamed of making it his profession. Using ultra-modern symbolism, he combines emblematic shapes, such as the McDonald’s M, with traditional motifs. East meets West, geometric lines with curves, modernity versus tradition: Li Lihong’s work succeeds in harmonizing dichotomies!

Li Lihong, Mini Michelin China White, 2020
Li Lihong, Mini Michelin China White, 2020, available on Artsper

4. Iván Prieto, ceramic artist of the hybrid

After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Spain and Holland, Iván Prieto became a jack-of-all-trades artist: sculpture, installation, illustration, etc. He never ceases to make amaze us with his chimerical and hybrid creatures, sometimes frightening, sometimes attractive but always captivating.

Ceramic artists : Iván Prieto, Más pájaros en la cabeza, 2017
Iván Prieto, Más pájaros en la cabeza, 2017, available on Artsper

5. Martha Pachon Rodriguez, an erotic ceramic

With remarkable finesse and technique, the work of Martha Pachon Rodriguez plays on a permanent tension between the natural and the artificial. Combining pure lines and small fragmented forms, the erotic character of her works is claimed for the greatest pleasure of our eyes!

Martha Pachon Rodriguez, Objets de séduction, 2009
Martha Pachon Rodriguez, Objets de séduction, 2009

6. Katarina Kudelova, magnetic ceramics

Since her graduation from the Beaux-Arts of Angers, France,  Katarina Kudelova has been exploring glazed ceramics as well as firecrackers, wool and feathers. Between an ode to nature and violence of a burning world, she lures us into her surprising universe, a realm where poetry and childhood fables rhyme with an intrinsic intranquility, as intriguing as it is fascinating.

Ceramic artists : Katarina Judelova, Contre-attaque, merle, 2013
Katarina Judelova, Contre-attaque, merle, 2013, available on Artsper

7. Lisa Allegra, multi-faceted ceramic artist

A young French woman living in Barcelona, Spain, Lisa Allegra is a graduate of the École des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg. At the border between craft and art, she creates a whole mosaic of objects: tables, lights, vases, pots or dishes. Thanks to a play on content and form, she proposes work of a remarkable originality.

Lisa allegra, Lamp
Lisa allegra, Lamp

8. Yiyan Zhou, the ceramics of the present moment

As a multidisciplinary artist, Yiyan Zhou works a lot with ceramics. She tries to materialize an observation or an emotion felt at a precise moment. Her singular sculptures intertwine a spontaneous look at the world and a technique worthy of the great ceramic masters.

Ceramic artists : Yiyan Zhou, Tête féminin sur un galet, 2017
Yiyan Zhou, Tête féminin sur un galet, 2017, available on Artsper

9. Fanny Laugier, ceramist of delicacy

Fanny Laugier’s remarkably delicate vases, cups, bowls and plates are heartwarming. The artist combines very fine grain with light colors and material effects in order to glorify the material itself.

Fanny Laugier - céramic objects
Fanny Laugier – céramic objects

10. Roger Capron, the most famous ceramic artist in France

A true master ceramist, it seems impossible to talk about this art without mentioning Roger Capron. After studying at the School of Applied Arts in Paris, he set up his ceramic art studio in Vallauris, France which is still renowned. His work has had a lasting influence on ceramics, as he wished to “make beauty available to all“. He reinvented traditional curves and democratized ceramics by producing decorative objects in a series.

Ceramic artists : Roger Capron
Roger Capron, Polychrome enamelled ceramic vase with Pyjama decoration, 1950

Ceramic artists, passionate about duality?

Between art and industry, tradition and modernity, ceramics is an art of duality. Both utilitarian and decorative objects, they can just as easily become works of art in their own right. But at what point do they go from tableware to academic art? One thing is sure: in our kitchen or in the museum, contemporary ceramic artists have not finished to delight and astonish us!