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10 Nature Artworks That Celebrate the Beauty of Our Planet
Get inspired 15 Feb 2021

10 Nature Artworks That Celebrate the Beauty of Our Planet

Feng Hatat, L'heure bleue, 2017
Feng Hatat, L’heure bleue, 2017, available on Artsper

Vast deserts, colossal mountains, endlessly diverse wildlife– in nature artworks, the natural beauty of our planet is infinitely inspiring. Perhaps this is why it stands as one of the greatest muses of all time, inspiring many artists with its incredible and awe-inspiring features. As our planet rapidly transforms, art becomes an even more important reminder of the wonder and value of what’s left of the preserved natural world. In this list, we break down 10 stunning nature artworks that each capture the awe-inspiring natural beauty of our planet– all of which are available on Artsper!

1. Guillaume Pépy, Terra Incognita – Le Grand Canyon, 2010

Guillaume Pépy, Terra Incognita – Le Grand Canyon, 2010, available on Artsper

Terra Incognita – Le Grand Canyon taken by Guillaume Pépy is part of the artist’s nature photography series created during a stay at the Dumont d’Urville polar research station. It highlights the striking natural beauty of the Antarctic subcontinent’s glacial desert. Meanwhile, the uniformity of the pure white color between the ice and the sky creates an almost infinite-seeming illusion of the landscape, further emphasizing the vastness of the desert. In addition, the purity of the color is symbolic of a landscape whose natural beauty remains untouched by human intervention. However, a stark contrast is created by the two black penguins in the center of the photograph. Their presence serves to remind us of the significance in protecting them and the natural world threatened by climate change. 

2. Juan Carlos Suarez, Heliconia, 2021

juan carlos suarez forest
Juan Carlos Suarez, Heliconia, 2021, available on Artsper

The acrylic painting Heliconia by Juan Carlos Suarez showcases the beauty of the beginning of new life. The painter’s incredibly detailed depiction focuses on a small plant, sprouting amidst a densely populated forest floor. In fact, the painter’s use of light dispersing through the trees to reach this plant almost suggests a divine intervention. Consequently, a kind of miraculous ambiance is created, further highlighted by the contrasting color of the plant. Ultimately, the artist spreads a hopeful message: no matter the adversity she faces, Mother Nature always finds a way.

3. Clara Crespin, La Java des anges, 2021

clara crespin natural beauty
Clara Crespin, La Java des anges, 2021, available on Artsper

The oil painting La Java des anges by artist Clara Crespin depicts a flock of exotic birds, chattering while perched upon the same tree. The hazy, undefined lines of the nature painting appear to blur the boundaries between plant and bird. This could possibly represent the harmonious symbiotic relationship between plants and animals within the natural world. Furthermore, the abundance and vibrancy of the birds pays tribute to the planet’s diversity and natural beauty.

4. Paola Pivi, One Love, 2013

paola pivi one love
Paola Pivi, One Love, 2013, available on Artsper

With its delightful absurdity, One Love by photographer Paola Pivi may appear to be unlike the other images on this list, yet it warrants mention nonetheless. The Surrealist photographer is known for her charmingly odd, unexpected, yet thought-provoking, creations. The similar color creates a visual coherence among the diverse array animals, who would otherwise not be seen together. However, this has the opposite effect to homogenizing them. Instead, the bizarre juxtaposition of these animals serves as a pleasant reminder of the strange but beautiful diversity among the creatures of our world.

5. Kaliya Ka, Swamp, but Glamorous, 2020

kaliya ka natural beauty
Kaliya Ka, Swamp, but Glamorous, 2020, available on Artsper

In her aptly named Swamp, but Glamorous, painter Kaliya Ka transforms a mundane swamp landscape into something beautifully unexpected. While her thick, visible brush strokes create texture and maintain the raw grittiness of the natural world, the painting’s central multicolored glittered panel is indisputably and gorgeously eye-catching. Here Ka’s landscape art pushes the viewer to think outside of what we typically consider beautiful in nature. The painting proves that there is natural beauty to be found in every aspect of the natural world.

6. Franck Seguin, Cachalots 3, 2018

franck seguin whale
Franck Seguin, Cachalots 3, 2018, available on Artsper

Cachalots 3 showcases the mighty sperm whale in its natural ocean habitat. It’s part of Franck Seguin’s quite literally breathtaking One Breath photography series of apneic nature artworks. The photographer uses light in an extremely effective manner in this photograph. The scattered light beams create a spotlight for the larger whale, drawing the eye to its size and incredible natural beauty. Meanwhile, the dark spaces of the photograph instead emphasize the vastness of the open ocean, its black depths home to countless beautiful creatures. In addition, the human’s tiny scale in contrast with the whale’s enormous size highlights the stunning diversity of the natural world.

7. Mihály Demeczky, Alps VIII, Slovakia, 2016

mihaly demeczky nature artworks
Mihály Demeczky, Alps VIII, Slovakia, 2016, available on Artsper

Alps VIII by Mihály Demeczky is a photograph that celebrates the natural beauty of a sunset in the Slovakian Alps. The mountains’ presence in both in the forefront and background of the image emphasizes the vastness of the landscape, while the pastel pink and orange tones of the sky appear to melt into the mountaintops. Visually, it is a photograph that inspires awe.

8. Françoise Bossut, Aurore boréale, 2019

bossut nature artworks
Françoise Bossut, Aurore boréale, 2019, available on Artsper

This abstract acrylic landscape painting Aurore boreale by Françoise Bousset is a celebration of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. This natural light display in the sky is considered to be one of the most beautiful phenomena occurring in nature. Bousset uses abstract art poignantly here to perfectly capture how indescribably stunning and otherworldly this phenomenon is. Just like the real thing, Bousset’s painting is so mysteriously beautiful that it’s hard to look away.

9. Alexis Berg, UTMB, 2016

berg nature artworks
Alexis Berg, UTMB, 2016, available on Artsper

The photograph UTMB by Alexis Berg depicts the highlight of the UTMB, the world’s largest trail race. The highlight is experiencing the incredible sunrise during the ascent of the Col Ferret, a striking and highly inspirational subject for any landscape photographer. In the bottom right of the photograph, we can see a small silhouette of a trail runner, dwarfed by the immense mountains, large enough that they overreach the clouds nestled in the valley. Not only does this image capture the marvellous natural beauty of our planet, but it serves as a reminder that humanity is but a tiny part of it.

10. Pascale Vallée, Série Déambulations Aquatiques I, 2020

Pascale Vallée, Série Déambulations Aquatiques I, 2020, available on Artsper

Similarly to Impressionist art, the aim of Paul Vallée’s oil painting Série Déambulations Aquatiques I is not to capture an exact likeness of water. Instead, the artist’s masterful use of color and light evokes the very essence of water, effectively capturing its power and rushing movement. As a result, the painting bristles with animation, a poignant reflection of water’s significance as our planet’s life source.

Nature Artworks Protecting Our Planet

In conclusion, these 10 contemporary nature artworks, across a variety of artistic styles and mediums, all honor the natural beauty of our planet. The geographical features and creatures showcased are frequently put under threat by climate change and urbanisation. Consequently, it makes it all the more significant for environmentally engaged artists to showcase beautiful nature, and through their work to promote environmental awareness and love for our planet.