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Young talents to follow in 2017! Part 1
Get inspired 27 Dec 2016

Young talents to follow in 2017! Part 1

Tough keeping up with the frantic pace of the art market? Artsper makes this easy for you and guides you on the path of contemporary creation. Each year, students from art schools or young self-taught artists stretch their imagination, to renew the artistic scene. Discover through our selection, the artists which shouldn’t be missed and in fact followed during 2017!


Uroš Abram

A young Czech photographer, Uroš Abram graduated in 2010 from the art school in Prague, FAMU. His talent was soon discovered by the Circulation Festival, one of the most famous photography events known today, with the aim of promoting young European photography and they exhibited the young artist in 2014. During this occasion, Ubros Aram presented a series in which he positions himself as a documentary makes and analyzes the evolution of the pornographic industry in Czech Republic, once the communist regime was dissolved. His work is a mix of panache and theory, it can’t stop to amaze through its uniqueness.



Brice Maré

It’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth created by Brice Maré, born in 1986. Constructions which take us from one level to another, while remaining on the same level. Through geometric effects, angles and sharp perspectives, the artist is able to convert a flat surface into a voluminous object. He plays around with rules to trick our perception. These are real structures, which he is able to build with the simple strength of perspective. On walls and floors, like on canvases and wood, he is able to get inside an urban architect and adapt his support, in order to create.



Enora Denis

An all-rounder, visual artist, Enora Denis rolls out an artistic palette, just like a real tool box: collage, digital art, archived images, video or drawing. Her work was mainly acknowledged during the Montrouge fair in 2015. Born in Brittany in 1984, she belongs to the Game Boy and PlayStation generation of the 90’s and uses this collective imagination to condemn some inequalities, like the one between men and women. The little portable console is turned into a more feminine object and is called Game Girl by the artist. The artist questions the overall image of body in the society. For this, she takes examples from the political and public scene, but also the intimate realm and the use or position of mundane objects.



Antoine Bertrand

Antoine Bertrand the artist, takes us towards an instinctive and wild world. Born in 1981, he did a course in comics at the Saint Luc Institute in Brussels, before opting for cartoons. After traveling to Asia and Africa, the artist was able to sharpen his style, figuratively and literally speaking. He developed an unprecedented technique with a saber, through which he depicts painting on a canvas. This discipline took him almost one year of hard work, before he was able to achieve an expertise. Between graffiti and calligraphy, he offers contemporary work, highlighting tradition. This style attracted Manufacture 111 in 2016, where Antoine Bertrand did a residency for two weeks, followed by a collective exhibition.


Laurence Demars

Laurence Demars the artist, gets off the beaten track and draws inspiration from contemporary art. It’s not just painting and sculpture, she offers a pop-kitsch travel in the giff universe, with her digital collages. Creation and digital hand in hand indeed isn’t a new idea, but she is trying hard to spread it as much as possible. Larence Demars uses her talents in graphic design through digital art, with trash and light imagery. She lives and works in Limoges, and shares her work on a canvas.

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About Artsper

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