Collector’s Guide: Digital Art

Digital art, new media in arts : focus.

Digtal art or new media are terms used to designate a new artistic form of expression that uses technology and computers and all that is digital related as a tool or medium by the artist. 

Drawings on paper that are scanned in and altered with a software or any other way on the computer, photographs that are revised, 3D characters created with a computer… These are all examples of what is called digital art.

– Vector drawings

– Digital photo manipulation

– Digital painting

– 3D modeling

– Computer generated images

– Animation

Has digital art its place in fine arts?

Many opponents have questioned the legitimacy of digital art because of its approach. Indeed some think that it is not real art since it is computer made and therefor infinite copies are generated and there is no real unique quality in this work. Still, today it is more and more accepted as art because it involves imagination and the understanding of art and design.

Digital art, a revolution in art.

Prior to the invention of camera, the artist’s role was to represent the real world. Art has always been in perpetual evolution, the subjects changed, the technique. However, it always stayed in a way a window into the real world. With the birth of photography, artists started to realize that they no longer had to portray the real world, the importance was elsewhere. They could redefine their status as artists and creators. They began to express their creativity in other ways and materialize and illustrate subjects that are not real, abstract. Abstract art is indeed a turning point in the evolution of art and began with the progress of technology: the invention of the camera.

Now with the use of computer in art, we are witnessing the next significant step in the progress of art. Digitalization allows the artist to create infinitely and break barriers of conception. Art is redefining itself.

Digital art demands imagination and the understanding of art, design and technology. Digital artists must be able to navigate easily between the worlds of art, science and technology.

A few examples of digital art made artworks on Artsper

Hélène Goddyn, Mystique de la série « les Mandalas humains », digital art on canvas

“She mixes the technique of digital drawing associated with photographs and scanned materials in the same painting.”

Mel Fuger, Sexy tatoo, digital art on plexiglass

“To her it isn’t just painting or digital painting but more a way of expression”

HDC, Effervescent man, digital art on aluminium 

“In his digital works, he uses one of his photos, a collage or a sketch. And then he uses his “DEEP” process: Dissection Elongation Elaboration Painting. All his digital works are printed in Fine Art.”

Jan Lisman, Artwork 9, digital art on aluminium

“Radical but subtle, Jan Lisman constantly switches from video to photography to digital painting. A true jack of all trades, he does not let anything or anyone limit his creativity. His works produced with his digital tablet reveal a world where even art can be intangible. Through the use of digital tablets to create his pieces, Jan Lisman attempts to define a new relationship to work and space.”

Dominique Mulhem, Marilyn Scarification, digital art on PVC

“Multimedia holopainting. Created with a 3D software. The 3D effect results from an array of linear lenses.”