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Our Top 10 Design Objects Right Now
Get inspired 05 May 2022

Our Top 10 Design Objects Right Now

Did you know that Artsper carries design objects? This includes everything from artistic tableware to lighting, textiles and even furniture… Join our editors in discovering 10 of our favorite design objects on Artsper right now!

1. Anacleto Spazzapan’s Pink & Wood Chair

chair design object
Anacleto Spazzapan, Pink & Wood Chair, 1990

Italian sculptor Anacleto Spazzapan is known for his complex combinations of metal and woodwork. In Pink & Wood Chair, the artist plays with the mechanics of furniture, allowing users to adjust the placement of different pieces of the work. Offering both functionality and design, Spazzapan’s works will never go out of style.

2. Anastasia Kurakina’s Lady plate

plate with painting
Anastasia Kurakina, Lady, 2019

The painted design on this plate by Anastasia Kurakina seems to be in conversation with the delicacy of the ceramic it lays on. The Russian artist tells stories through captured glances between her portraits and viewers. What better way to enjoy a meal than with a beautiful dish on your table?

3. Sebastian Bergne’s Candle Brick

candelabra design object
Sebastian Bergne, Candle Brick Rebuilding – 2 Bricks, 2020

This modern candelabra by Sebastian Bergne is the industrial design-lover’s dream. Making use of a common object, Bergne transforms the brick into a stunning and original piece of art. This creation is also rooted in an ecological perspective. As such, the work is the result of the artist’s research into the most sustainable and culturally rich building material to date. With his bold approach, Bergne questions the aesthetics of what we consider humble or noble.

4. Amor de Agua‘s La Lune et le Soleil pitcher

water pitcher
Amor de Agua, La Lune et le Soleil, 2022

This small pitcher was created in the typical style of Justine Garcia, better known as Amor de Agua. The artist focuses her portfolio around themes of femininity and ecology. Typically working on a canvas, this design object allows viewers to experience Garcia’s hand from every angle.

5. Rafal Piesliak’s First lamp

Rafal Piesliak, First, 2021

This lamp by Rafal Piesliak uses an unusual support to create an almost alien artwork. The artist often uses light at the center of his pieces, being interested especially in its conceptual nature and how his works can therefore interact with the surrounding environment. Piesliak iterates that while the objects within the works don’t have specific meaning, the experience of interaction provides some.

6. Eugenio Merino’s National Security rug

national security rug design object
Eugenio Merino, National Security, 2020

In this stunning work by Eugenio Merino, the artist leaves a lot up to interpretation. Interested in creating controversy and addressing societal issues, Merino often focuses on opposing forces. Here, a Persian rug has a series of intricate cuts throughout its entirety. An unusual textile that’s sure to be a conversation starter, how would you interpret National Security?

7. Alex Hodge’s My favorite moment cup

cup by alex hodge
Alex Hodge, My favorite moment.., Porcelain Cup with Sgraffito Detailing, 2019

Through her ceramics, American artist Alex Hodge details stories and emotions. In this cup, Hodge tells a piece of a love story as it’s one of 48 objects in her series “Fragments of Our Love Story.” The artist details the importance of the each descision in her creative process:

“These cups feature feminine forms that recall the Venus of Willendorf and other historical fertility objects. The carvings include many of my own writings and flow from one cup to another. Just as we hold each other’s stories in pieces and parts, the cups now exist throughout time and space, with many collectors. No two have the exact same words, making each unique in body, color, and content.”

8. Thomas Carlier’s Alumine Black lamp

Thomas Carlier, Lampe Alumine Black, 2020 design object
Thomas Carlier, Lampe Alumine Black, 2020

Created using salt and steel, Thomas Carlier’s lamp pulls into question our ability to manufacture more organically. Carlier is interested in the “guided growth” of natural organisms to create artwork. The light within this piece takes this concept a step further by highlighting the intricate and natural formations of the salt and contrasting them with painted steel.

9. Pablo Picasso’s Vase with Pastel Decoration

picasso vase design object
Pablo Picasso, Vase avec Decoration Pastel (Ramie 190), 1953

A master painter, Pablo Picasso also ventured into ceramics. One of our team’s favorites? His naïve-style vase. Here, you can see the Spanish artist’s classic style taken to a three-dimensional red clay canvas. Towards the end of his life, Picasso turned to ceramics as a break from his celebrated painting and spent extensive time in Vallauris, France creating pottery.

10. Jin Eui Kim’s OPject vase

Jin Eui Kim, OPject – Large Trapezoid Form, 2018

Korean artist Jin Eui Kim is fascinated by optical illusions. Using this interest, he created a series of objects or “OPjects” including this mind-bending vase. Simple at first glance, this piece uses 18 different colors to create a conversation surrounding space and line.

Anything can be a design object

Art is everywhere, so why not make every item in your home a masterpiece? Through Artsper’s selection of design objects, you can discover a new genre of art. Use this collection to inspire all your future interior design endeavors and remember that anything can be a work of art!