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Top Picks from Art World Experts
Get inspired 06 Feb 2023

Top Picks from Art World Experts

In 2022, Artsper interviewed 16 influential figures from the international art market. We spoke to curators, collectors, gallerists and directors of some of the world’s leading art fairs, with the aim to share their valuable insights into the art world. As we enter a new year, we have identified trends in the top artists, art forms and styles that these experts have their eye on. Ready to discover the art trends that should be on your radar in 2023? 

Abstract painters

The art of painting is not going anywhere. Abstract painters, in particular, were a top pick among the art-world experts that we interviewed this year. Curator and director of FOCUS Art Fair Jungwon Lee selected numerous abstract works. Some of the top artists on her radar included South Korean artists Ayoung Jo and Hyung Jin Park. Mathilde Dalmas and Paul Neltner, founders of the Dauphine Prize for Contemporary Art, opted for works by abstract painters Emmanuelle Vroelant and Claude Viallat. Bordering the line between abstraction and surrealist figuration, curator Danielle Krysa (also known as The Jealous Curator) selected a dynamic painting by artist Erik Minter.

Artists of geometric abstraction

Among our interviewees’ top picks this year, we also saw a significant interest in artists working with geometric abstraction. This art form was a particular favorite of Guillaume Piens, chief curator of art fair Art Paris. Piens selected geometric abstract works by artists including Bak Bertille and Dan Levenson. Jungwon Lee highlighted a work by artist Soo Youn Kim, whose work centres upon circular geometric forms. Another favorite artist selected by Andrea Steuer and Elena Zavelev, founders of the art fair CADAF, was the experimental abstract artist Felipe Pantone. Geometric abstraction in contemporary art is a diverse field, and is one of our top art trends to look out for in 2023!

Emerging experimental photographers

High on art-world experts’ list for 2023 are emerging photographers exploring the boundaries of the medium in unique and creative ways. Danielle Krysa chose a work by French emerging photographer Charles Pétillon, who produces poetic works with a surrealist edge. Mathilde Dalmas and Paul Neltner were particularly interested in experimental photographers, highlighting Charlotte Abramow, Gabriel Dia and Derrick Ofosu Boateng.

Derrick Ofosu Boateng, The story of three inseparable friends v3.0, art trends 2023
Derrick Ofosu Boateng, The story of three inseparable friends v3.0, 2022

Playful sculptors

Sculptors working with playful contemporary subjects were another popular choice among art-world players this year. Works by monochrome sculptor Daniel Arsham were highlighted by both Danielle Krysa and the founder of Urban Art Fair, Yannick Boesso. Other favorites selected by Krysa include playful sculptors Vincent Olinet, S2Bart and Li Lihong. Each of these sculptors approach the medium in an experimental way, and from a unique contemporary perspective.

Street artists

Works by street artists are assuming an increasingly dominant position in the art world. Among Yannick Boeso’s top artist picks this year were L’Atlas, one of Artsper’s best-selling artists, and the vibrant works of French street artist Brusk. Shepard Fairey (also known as Obey) was another highlight for Boeso, as well as for Andrea Steuer and Elena Zavelev. With street artists attracting increasing attention from collectors, these creators should be on your radar in 2023!

L’Atlas, Crossfade, 2018
L’Atlas, Crossfade, 2018

Expressive portrait painters

Painters creating expressive portraits, particularly those addressing themes of identity, have gained significant traffic from collectors on Artsper. It comes as no surprise that artists in this vein were also picked up by our interviewees in 2022. Oliver Elst, art collector and founder of the Cuperior Art Collection, highlighted Cameroonian artists Alida Ymélé and Sesse Elangwe Ngeseli amongst his favorite works this year, and they will definitely be on our radar too!

Alida Ymélé, Demi-toilette, 2022
Alida Ymélé, Demi-toilette, 2022

A diverse year of contemporary art…

And that wraps up our selection of art trends in 2023, as disclosed by the art-world experts we have interviewed over the last year. From abstract paintings to works by street artists, this selection reflects the ever-changing diversity of the contemporary art world. Which artists will be on your radar in 2023?

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